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Attitudes of American Jews 2007-04-24
I would like to make my own poll on the attitudes of American Jews. Please take this poll only i...
Christian & Non-christian views on the universe 2007-05-10
Hey, this is an interesting little poll i set up, and im very interested to see the results. Plea...
Do YOU believe in God, and if so, how much. 2007-05-21
Title explains it all. I am 100% Theological believing all the Bible because of evidence. What ...
Hell Poll 2007-06-04
Questions about hellfire and damnation
Science vs Religion 2007-06-19
Science vs Religion. Which will you choose?
What Do You Believe 2007-06-22
I am conducting a little poll to see what people believe about God. I would like to see at least...
Atheists- what are the characteristics of God? 2007-10-18
I would like to get a feel for what atheists think of when someone talks about God.
Marriage vs. Dating 2007-10-26
I am writing an expose on views that americans have on marriage. The fears we have on dating and ...
What does your religion mean to you 2007-11-08
Exactly as the title says. This is not about judgement, I am just interested in what other people...
Heaven. Various questions on the subject. 2007-11-13
What are your opinions about heaven? Is it real? Is it perfect? Does God live there? Answer caref...
Do you believe in god? 2007-11-27
What is your belief?
Is Israel still God's favourite country? 2007-12-07
Israel is mentioned over 30,000 times in the Holy Bible. A few other countries get a mention, suc...
could juggalo be considered a religion? 2007-12-16
could juggalo be considered a religion?I think so,but I need an opinion.(if you're a hater, then ...
Religion? 2008-01-17
Does all of God's creation have a purpose? 2008-02-12
In the last few days, a robot space probe called Messenger flew past the planet Mercury. It sent ...
Your best virtue. 2008-05-24
Recently, I've been showing some interest in morals, so I came up with these two polls. This one ...
Bible - The word of god or what? 2008-07-05
I'm interested in the question of whether or not christians see the bible as god's word, inerrant...
Christmas 2008-09-01
Easter 2008-09-11
Religion? Fact or Fiction? 2008-11-01
Is God real? answer some of these questions and then review your initial thought
Atheists and America 2008-11-09
Atheists and America
Questions for Pentecostals/Charismatics only 2008-11-18
I want to find out a little about the practices of Pentecostals/Charismatics.
Biblical questions 2008-12-12
I have made 21 poll so far. I preach wednsday night lessons at church and i haven't did one poll ...
Questions About Faith 2009-02-10
This poll is just to ascertain a better understanding for myself of others religious beliefs and ...
Religious Beliefs 2009-02-15
This poll is simply to ask how many people believe there is God.