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The Da Vinci Code 2006-05-25
WIth all the hype (both negative and positive) about the forthcoming movie, I want to know how ma...
Creationism Poll 2006-06-19
Poll on creationism, age of the earth
Beliefs About Stuff 2006-06-21
Hey, this is just a poll to see what you believe and stuff
God/Aliens/Spirits/Satan/ Demons/Angels Poll 2006-07-05
Vote in what you believe :D
Remarriage After Divorce 2006-07-10
What kind of sin is it?
Cheaters? 2006-07-11
Babies (For Christians) 2006-07-13
Where would it go?
Religion 2006-07-20
Last Apology 2006-07-23
Priest or Not?
Who was Jesus? 2006-07-23
Questions to learn people's perceptions concerning Jesus.
Jews (For Christians) 2006-07-24
what do you believe??? 2006-07-28
i wonder how many people think what i believe in is wrong... no that it matters
Mortal Sin 2006-08-09
Sacrilges 2006-08-09
Is it unforgivable?
Who Would Jesus Bomb? 2006-08-11
Everybody seems to have a different idea of what Jesus would or wouldn't do.Many say he wouldn't ...
Evolution or Creation 2006-10-24
Religion or evolution, what do you believe
What do you believe 2006-10-25
This poll is for ANYONE
Are You Tired? 2006-11-01
Are you tired of people posting things questioning God's gender?
The Rapture 2007-01-09
With the continued success of the Left Behind series of books and movies, The idea of the Rapture...
Your opinion 2007-01-10
There will be only two question which will show your opinion two different topics.
What If Today Were Your Last? 2007-02-08
Are you right with God?
Salvation+Religion 2007-03-25
Who do you think will be saved?
Are You Muslim? 2007-03-29
Just a poll to find out the type of people that visit my site.
Which version of the bible? 2007-03-29
Which version of the Bible is right?
The Role of the Cemetery in Society 2007-04-09
I am studying the changing role of the cemetery in society. I am especially interested in what th...