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Where do you go? 2005-04-16
To find what people believe about life after death. Please answer only the questions that apply ...
A Gift From God 2005-04-18
I saw a billboard the other day with a cute little baby with a bow on it and the caption read, &q...
Serb Orthodox:Good or bad 2005-04-21
What do you think?
Afterlife 2005-05-07
Do you still believe in afterlife?
Are you a Christian? 2005-06-01
gee, are you a Christian? Do you beleive in God?
Religion? 2005-06-30
What is your religion? How does this compare to your beliefs?
The Holy Bible 2005-07-26
Do you beleive the Word of God, the Bible, is inspired by God?
What do you think of the pope? 2005-08-30
well, what do you think?
Time travel to prove the resurrection of Christ 2005-09-01
Imagine that a form of time travel has just been invented which allows us to observe past events ...
Is bad timing ESP? 2005-09-28
When the phone rings at the worst possible moment, is it usually the same guy-- the one with path...
Are young marriages the solution to sexual immorality? 2005-10-25
The purpose of this poll is to ask Christians (and those of others faiths who believe in sex only...
What are the prerequisites for being a missionary 2005-11-21
What do you think about missionaries? What is important for them to know, do, and be? How imp...
Poll for Believers only 2005-12-21
What do you think of non-believers? (Please do not answer if you are an atheist or an agnostic)
What is the best feature of Christmas? 2006-01-09
Christmas is celebrated all round the world, for various reasons, but what makes it fun/special f...
Ayyavazhi 2006-01-09
This is one of the fastest growing religion in India. Though it was not received official recogni...
What do you believe about heaven, hell, and the afterlife? 2006-02-02
I recently watched Barbara Walters' special about heaven and was very impressed. I began wonderi...
Versions of the Bible 2006-02-03
what version of the bible you prefer
Do You Believe in GOD? 2006-03-20
This Poll is to know how many people in this world are theists
Your religion 2006-03-21
What is your religion?
What is wrong with the Bible? (For those who doubt it) 2006-04-14
This poll is for all those who disbelieve the Bible (in part or as a whole).
Christian's thoughts on Atheist 2006-04-14
Okay, this is an informal poll about how Christians feel about Atheists
What if God asked YOU....................... 2006-04-25
If you were to stand before God right now and he were to ask you a few questions what would you say?
Do you think the "Book of Judas" Is Real? 2006-04-26
Book of Judas was found in Eygpt and was approx. written 200 years after Christ.
Is Divorce an Unforgivable Sin? 2006-05-17
I have heard some people say divorce is an unforgivable sin. Answer my question.
There have been alot of poll on this & i want veryone to vote on this one I want like 1,000 v...