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If space aliens landed - how would it affect religion? 2003-02-27
If space aliens landed on Earth, or if they were discovered, I think it's fair to say that the im...
Rapture 2003-03-04
Do you believe in the Rapture that is mentioned in the Bible in revelation?
Is the Anti-Christ alive and among us today? 2003-03-29
Opinions about the anti-christ are as wide and varied as the earth itself. I would like to compa...
What would dissuade you from joining a cult or sect? 2003-04-17
Suppose you met a group of people who were from a religious cult or sect. They seemed real nice, ...
Do you believe in destiny? 2003-05-06
Do you believe in destiny? Do you think that some things in life are destined or none at all?
Why don't Generation x'ers attend spiritual gatherings ? 2003-05-14
I recently found that 70 % of Generation X (born after 1964) has never attended a church, synagog...
The ages of people in Genesis Ch.5 2003-05-19
Pick up a Bible (any version is fine) and turn to Genesis, Chapter 5. In this chapter, the Bible ...
Heavens gates and hells flames 2003-05-23
Discovering whether people truly understand how salvation is attained.
A question for Christians! 2003-06-10
Was there DEATH before Adam and Eves sinned. If yes, then God is responsible for DEATH . If no, t...
For Those Who Have Had The Born-Again Experience 2003-06-30
The "born-again" experience phenomenon is one that many people personally relate to but...
General Religious and Spiritual Beliefs 2003-08-02
This poll is for people of all faiths, not just the majority! I also have a forum for people ...
How Non-christians view christians and their beliefs 2003-08-06
are they hypocritic prats or sound ppl
simplicity the best way 2003-08-13
most beliefs talk about simplicity as a good way to live a life
hAvE JC? 2003-09-09
don't you ever get tired of phony faiths? sometimes we come to a point when we are forced not to ...
Religious Insights, Views and Beliefs 2003-12-08
A poll about religious beliefs. Things that have come up between me and my friends. Problems an...
Saved ONLY by faith in Jesus? 2004-01-07
This poll is for Christians only. Do you sincerely believe that <b>ONLY</b> those who...
Is Spiritual Development Important? 2004-01-13
To how many is spiritual development important or a part of ones life? This can include meditatio...
Is Television Wrong 2004-01-20
This is for real christians
How do you get to Heaven? 2004-01-28
How does a person get to Heaven after they die?
Bible Knowledge 2004-02-02
Please answer these questions concerning your Bible knowledge.
Religion Poll 2004-02-16
Now a days when man is being more and more selfish & materialistic, it is needed to get his a...
Do we have Absolutes? 2004-02-18
Do we have Absolutes? If you do not believe in absolutes then you need to be absolutely sure of t...
A Short Poll for Believers 2004-03-06
Here's a quick little poll to ask what you think about God's powers.
Religious viewpoints 2004-03-23
This poll is on the most important subject that exists: Religion
Should prayer be allowed in public schools? 2004-04-02
This is for a debate in a college class. Please help me with your opinion.