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Taliban destroying Buddha statues 2001-03-02
KABUL, Afghanistan, March 2 —  Afghanistan's ruling Taliban were reported on Friday to have she...
Do You Really Believe??? 2001-03-07
You must have a few screws loose.
Jesus 2001-03-18
Do you believe that He died for your sins...and that He reigns in Heaven.
Question 2001-03-21
Is Jesus, the Son of God also God?
The Rapture of The Church 2001-05-06
There are many varrying views concerning the existance of a Rapture of the Church. Even those who...
A Single Global Religion? 2001-07-16
Do you think there should be one religion common to everybody?
Satanists 2001-08-21
Welcome to a poll that is dedicated to the midians of satan"Hail Satan"
What do you believe? 2001-10-08
When it comes to religion many of us have different beliefs. So, what do you believe?
Fill out these interesting questions......
Biblical Accuracy 2001-11-04
This poll is for Christians who believe that the Bible is the perfect, inerrant, flawless <I&g...
Jesus 2001-12-11
What do you think?
The Importance of Ramadan 2001-12-31
I am making this poll for a school project, so please take it! The purpose is to find out the im...
Religion and Your Life 2002-01-12
This poll evaluates religion and the importance in your life
Love and loss 2002-01-14
Hello, I have a family menber woh's very dear to me and he's really sick. I'm scared that he wont...
Bible Belief 2002-01-16
Believing the Bible is more than just picking and choosing. Part of the test of this is whethe...
Christian acts vs beliefs 2002-01-24
Suppose that one person ALWAYS acts just as Jesus said to, but does NOT believe ANY of the belief...
religious views 2002-02-04
i would like to see what the general public's views on religion are.
Witchcraft, do you know? 2002-03-08
What do yoy know about real witchcraft?
Beliefs and Religion 2002-03-27
What do you believe?
What does the Bible mean? 2002-03-29
The Bible is the most widely read and published book in the world. Yet there is little agreement ...
Religion Coffee House 2002-04-09
Spiritual? What is your preference? A latt'e Jesus or mocha Buddha, maybe a frappacino hindu?
Christianity 2002-04-09
Due to the overwhellming popularity of a poll I stumbled upon about God. I've written my own.
religious discrimination 2002-04-22
asks opinions on religious matters
Isaac or Ishmael? 2002-04-29
According to the Jewish (and Christian) bible, the Partriarch Abraham ALMOST sacrificed his son I...
Are you sure you are a Christian? 2002-04-29
You may need your Bible to answer some of these questions, or you may just answer the best you ca...