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The Holdeman Poll III 2008-08-15
The Holdeman Poll III
Bill Maher's "Religulous": Your take 2008-10-10
A poll concerning your view of Bill Maher's new documentary, <i>Religulous</i>.
Jewish Poll 2008-10-21
Jewish Poll
Creationism in schools 2008-11-02
How do you go to heaven? 2008-11-09
How do you go to heaven?
Which holiday do you celebrate? 2008-12-04
Pretty simple poll; the title says it all. I'm particularly interested in those who celebrate Ch...
whats your favorite holiday? 2008-12-11 (closed)
choose between a list of holidays!!!
Do you say grace before eating? 2009-03-28
The title of the poll is sufficient to describe the subject matter.
Religion & education 2009-04-27
Your thoughts on how religion should or should not affect our education system
Questions regarding religious and scientific epistemology 2009-06-06
Questions regarding religious and scientific epistemology
Chrsition Teen Girl Wardrobe 2009-12-12
What do you think is appropriate for us to wear if we are christions?
Scientology Truth 2010-02-20
Scientology Truth
Religion: do you believe in a God and why? 2010-08-07
Religion: do you believe in a God and why?
religion 2011-11-20
aims to ask people certain questions on religion
Religion 2011-12-29
Which one do you follow?
Can belief in God be rational? 2012-02-22
Can belief in God be rational?
How did you come to know Christ? 2000-02-03
People come to have a personal relationship with Jesus in a variety of ways. What was yours?
Choosing the next Pope 2000-07-05
Should the next Pope be an Italian?
Your religious views 2000-10-19
I'm just curious about other people's religious beliefs. Visit my page at http://www.geocities.co...
Fun Religion Questions 2000-12-26
Answer my fun questions and email me if u have any questions. Tinkababe5@aol.com
Personal Spiritual Evaluation for Christians 2001-01-08
The questions in this evaluation will help you assess your spiritual health by examining your beh...
Taliban destroying Buddha statues 2001-03-02
KABUL, Afghanistan, March 2 —  Afghanistan's ruling Taliban were reported on Friday to have she...
Do You Really Believe??? 2001-03-07
You must have a few screws loose.
Jesus 2001-03-18
Do you believe that He died for your sins...and that He reigns in Heaven.
Question 2001-03-21
Is Jesus, the Son of God also God?