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Israel vs. Hezbollah 2006-08-13
A quick survey to see how many of you actually understand what the heck is going on in the middle...
Should the Roman Catholic Church have an Anglican Rite? 2006-08-19
Currently, the Roman Catholic Church offers an Anglican Use style of worship, especially for Past...
religion 2006-09-06
Just to know what the religion pop. is.
Religion in US Public Schools - Christians Only Please 2006-09-29
There is always a huge controvercy between people. There are Christians on both sides. So, what i...
Evolution Option 2006-10-25
I saw this mentioned before so i made this.
"Salvation Nation" 2006-11-01
This is a poll for Christians and non-Christians who either believe they are saved or not or both...
What is you Religion 2006-11-28
What Religion do you follow?
God, Faith, & Religion 2006-12-20
A poll about religion.
Physics and Religion 2006-12-24
People often say science and religion are not mutually exculsive. This is an entirely NON-scient...
Your opinion 2007-01-10
There will be only two question which will show your opinion two different topics.
Are you a Christian? 2007-02-24
Vote here and tell whether you are a Christian or not.
Which version of the bible? 2007-03-29
Which version of the Bible is right?
The Age of the Earth, Evolution, and the Flood 2007-05-10
Just like to know where people stand on this topic. Feel free to give reasons (evidences) for yo...
The Crucifiction 2007-05-10
The crucifiction of Jesus Christ is the basis on which Christianity is founded. Without his deat...
mormons 2007-05-21
mormonism poll
Over-the-Top Christians 2007-05-24
Religious Discrimination 2007-07-21
Based on current events, please answer these questions.
Do you know your Christian theology? 2007-10-02
Throughout the world (especially in America, I find), people are illiterate. They believe in thin...
General Religion Poll 2007-10-07
No specific religion is targeted.
Atheists - What do you believe? 2008-01-22
Please only answer if you consider yourself an atheist.
Witchcraft 2008-03-23
Do you believe in Witchcraft? What are your views regarding it?
Ninja Poll 106: Do Miracles Happen? 2008-05-22
Do Miracles Happen? That depends on what you mean by Miracle. Littlewood's law, making certain su...
Kingdom Poll: Defending the Faith 2008-07-19
Each week, we'll present you with a new quick poll on your views on classic Christian and Kingdom...
The Holdeman Poll 2008-08-15
The Holdeman Poll
The Holdeman Poll II 2008-08-15
The Holdeman Poll II