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What do you believe in? 2005-07-21
Do you have a religion? Or not? If so, what is it? If not...what DO you believe?
Morality 2005-07-29
The relativity or absolutism of morality.
Is this enough proof for all of you who do not believe in... 2005-08-09
I dont care what your religon is...go to this link http://www.av1611.org/hell.html does this ...
Is Amrica Better Off Without Bush ? 2005-09-12
Bush gave Massive Tax Relief to the RICH while ignoring the plight of the POOREST of Americans, T...
Dating NonChristians 2005-10-08
IS it acceptable for a professed Christian to date a professed non Christian?
Which came first? 2005-12-12
Okay. I want to know what you think. Be truthful & the outcome will be awesome for me. This i...
Church and State 2006-01-06
The making of a documentary...need to have some statistics in it. (Americans only please, for the...
Church 2006-01-16
What kind of Church do you go to? Do you like how the Church is set up? What would you change a...
Religion 2006-01-18
What YOU believe in
Heaven or Hell 2006-02-13
Assuming that the theological realms of heaven and hell do exist, voice your opinion on where the...
Is religion really necessary these days? 2006-02-13
I mean really, do you think religion is necessary to the world? Isn't it possible to decide for ...
Should Abortion be Legal 2006-02-16
Many People have differant views on the subject, i want to know yours and why.
Should Bush Be Tried For War Crimes 2006-03-21
Bush lied to start a War in Iraq and Bush used Radioactive bombs and bullets that have contaminat...
Church 2006-05-04
What is your fealings towards church ?
US religious adjustments 2006-05-13
should the US & the companies in it change all the traditonal old ways for the minorities?
Is Divorce an Unforgivable Sin? 2006-05-17
I have heard some people say divorce is an unforgivable sin. Answer my question.
Anti Semitism 2006-05-23
Is Hatred towrards Jews a thing of the Past or is it still just as strong today?
Cotholicism 2006-06-05
Let's see if many Catholics and none catholics alike agree on certein issues. Like teachings, Mor...
Denomination Match 2006-06-12
What denomination are you???
How religious are you? 2006-06-13
Hey, this is just a poll to see how many poeple are religious and what kind, please answer honest...
Is It The End of Times? Anti-Christ? 2006-06-24
Chapter 16 in the book of Revelation makes mention to the Euphrates River which runs directly thr...
Body Piercing (For Christians and Un Pierced People) 2006-07-01
What do you think?
Christians only! Bible! 2006-07-06
I go to a christian school and have always gone to church. I've never read the entire bible. I ju...
Was Jesus Gay? 2006-07-11
Just testing out a new theory of mine. Much publicity in recent months has been given to the poss...
WIll there be a "Clash of Civilisations" in the near future? 2006-07-20
The division between Islam and the West is becoming more and more evident and gaping. The rope ca...