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For Practicing/Believing Christians Only 2002-12-20
To get accurate results, this poll is for *practicing/believing* Christians only. I am Jewish ...
How often do you attend organized church? 2002-12-29
This poll is in regards to the frequency of your attendance to an organized, established church (...
A Glimpse at God 2003-01-17
This poll is simply designed to get an idea of what people think about God. If you have any sort...
The Crusades and Modern Jihads 2003-07-02
Over 900 years ago, in 1095, the first of many Christian Holy wars was launched. In response, Mus...
Your Religion 2003-10-08
Since the 15 Century a Habbit Of Creating religions has begun. Today I would like to ask you what...
Religious Practice 2003-10-14
I am a spiritual person, i claim no religious affiliations. I'm curious as to the prefered relig...
How old is the Grand Canyon? 2004-01-28
I recently read an article about an excursion leader who gave people tours of the Grand Canyon. H...
teaching creationism in public schools 2004-03-24
This poll is to determine what percentage of the population of each region of the United States t...
On Scripture 2004-04-30
Here are some questions about Holy Scripture
On Church Music 2004-05-03
Vote for your favorite kinds of liturgical music.
Revelation 2004-06-07
Whether or not the book of Revelation is real.
God and Jesus Christ 2004-08-03
This is a poll whose objective is to know what are your beliefs about God and Jesus Christ. This ...
poll for muslims 2004-08-13
as muslims know there are many different beliefs in Islam. God said he would guide those who wou...
I am a graduate architecture student doing a thesis project that deals with religion and evangeli...
To be a Christian 2004-10-01
What does it mean to be a Christian?
Respect and Religion 2005-01-11
This poll explores peoples level of respect towards a person given their beliefs
Next Pope 2005-02-08
Many people believe Pope John Paul II is on the verge of retirement. So far, five candidates are...
Is God real? 2005-07-08
The title tells ecactly what I mean. Is God real? To what extent? Why do you feel this way?
What do you believe in? 2005-07-21
Do you have a religion? Or not? If so, what is it? If not...what DO you believe?
Morality 2005-07-29
The relativity or absolutism of morality.
Is this enough proof for all of you who do not believe in... 2005-08-09
I dont care what your religon is...go to this link http://www.av1611.org/hell.html does this ...
Continuing Revelation? 2005-10-07
This is a Poll for all of you wonderful Christians out there. I was just curious how many of you...
Dating NonChristians 2005-10-08
IS it acceptable for a professed Christian to date a professed non Christian?
Which came first? 2005-12-12
Okay. I want to know what you think. Be truthful & the outcome will be awesome for me. This i...
Creationism--next step 2005-12-21
Is the world flat?