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are you evolutionist, creationist, or both? 2010-03-28
a poll asking the statistics for all people who are evolutionist, creationist, or fit in both cat...
Can belief in God be rational? 2012-02-22
Can belief in God be rational?
Irreligion poll 2012-06-20
A poll about irreligion, atheism, agnosticism and non-religion
Differences in Religious Beliefs 1999-07-28
This is a poll on the different religious beliefs around the world.
Views of Buddhism 2004-06-16
I am a Buddhist and I would just like to know other's views of Buddhism.
Questions regarding religious and scientific epistemology 2009-06-06
Questions regarding religious and scientific epistemology
What do you consider a sin? 2002-02-27
Here is some things that may or may not be considered sin to some people. Choose your opinion for...
Do you know your Christian theology? 2007-10-02
Throughout the world (especially in America, I find), people are illiterate. They believe in thin...
General Religion Poll 2007-10-07
No specific religion is targeted.
The Age of the Earth, Evolution, and the Flood 2007-05-10
Just like to know where people stand on this topic. Feel free to give reasons (evidences) for yo...
Bible - The word of god or what? 2008-07-05
I'm interested in the question of whether or not christians see the bible as god's word, inerrant...
Christmas 2008-09-01
Would you worship a God who? 2009-03-22
Would you worship a God who?
For how long was Jesus dead? 2009-05-15
This poll is for Christians only.<br> It is not blasphemous to say that Jesus was dead for...
The Jews 2009-10-01 (closed)
No other religion has had so much controversy in it history ,what do you think?
Evolution VS. Creation 2009-10-14 (closed)
I have to do a science fair project. It is Evolution VS. Creationism. I need as many people to vo...
Favorite Old Testament Book 2010-05-27
What is your favorite book from the Old Testament?
Students: views on spirituality and religion 2010-12-28 (closed)
Students: views on spirituality and religion
In Depth Religious Demographics 2016-01-13
An partial expansion on this poll http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/609441
The Rapture of The Church 2001-05-06
There are many varrying views concerning the existance of a Rapture of the Church. Even those who...
Christianity Vs. Evolution 2006-11-30
Is Evolution and Christianity Compatible?
Roman Catholic 2001-07-31
What do you think the Catholic Church teaches?
Christianity and Sexuality 2002-12-12
This a poll for people who are interested in Christianity and its conflicts with sex and sexuality
The Catholic Church 2005-09-12
What do you think regarding some of the important issues and/or practices of The Catholic Church,...
Death Penalty 2010-03-27
I'd like to collect information on religion's impact on a person's opinion... this will be int...