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What do you believe in? 2008-08-04 (closed)
Do you believe in aliens? Who created the piramids, the crop circles? Are you superstitious? Do y...
Last minutes on Earth 2008-11-18 (closed)
If you knew you have 30 minutes left to live on Earth, what would you do?
People who don't believe in God 2009-04-09
People who don't believe in God
Are living in the last generation? 2009-06-12
Huge shifts in technology, economy, government, religion, communication, media, and morality over...
Moral issues and Politics 2005-11-21
what is right and wrong
Religion? Fact or Fiction? 2008-11-01
Is God real? answer some of these questions and then review your initial thought
Favorite New Testament Book 2010-05-13
Favorite New Testament Book
Religious freedom 2013-01-29
Do you believe the world has religious freedom and for what religions
Questions about religion in general based on legality, mentality, etc. 2015-08-31
These questions are set to discover controversial opinions which some may have towards religion i...
Islam in America 2002-11-06
Islam is the fastest growing religion in North America. Why do you think Islam is growing so fas...
Which was Jesus - God or the Son of God? 2006-06-08
I have heard Christians disagree about whether Jesus was Himself God, or was the Son of God. Sure...
Views on Islam 2001-09-02
Peace be upon you. Today, Islam is the world's second largest religion, yet, at the same time,...
Religion Part of Problem or Solution? 2011-12-12 (closed)
Religion Part of Problem or Solution?
which is most annoying religious group 2006-09-08
Which religious group annoys you the most by constantly appearing at the doorstep
Why Believe In Religion/A God? 2010-05-29
I am curious as to what grabs people's beliefs to cause them to believe in their various gods and...
Who (or what) are "gentiles?" 2002-09-10
Who do you think the Bible is referring to when it speaks of the "gentiles?"
ABORTION 2012-05-18
This survey is for a project in a Catholic highschool. In Canada abortion is legal and many belie...
Christianity Poll 2007-02-22
This is a poll about Christianity.
What's your religion? 2007-08-20
How do you go to heaven? 2008-11-09
How do you go to heaven?
Views on Jews and Judaism 2003-01-02
The purpose of this poll is to see how people in this new age view Jews and Judaism. Please give ...
Do you believe that God Exist? 2009-04-07
Do you believe that God Exist?
Catholic Church Poll 2012-05-01
Catholic Church Poll
Therianthropy 2014-05-19
This poll is to review the variables in therians, to find more common ground out of such a broad ...
Religion: A Murderer 2003-11-04
In the past, religion has taken many lives from this world. People are so far into religion that ...