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What Do You Believe 2007-06-22
I am conducting a little poll to see what people believe about God. I would like to see at least...
What is your ideology? 2013-03-14
Atheist - Does not believe in God, nor religion Deist - Believes in God, not religion Theist - ...
Ministerial Education and Training 2002-10-17
What to you believe should be the Education and Training of an applicant for the ministry in orde...
Science vs Religion 2007-06-19
Science vs Religion. Which will you choose?
athiest poll 2011-09-28
athiest poll
Religion - which one? 2009-08-04 (closed)
When you say or think of the word "religion", which one do you ALWAYS think of first?
Religion Ques. 2009-09-02
i'm gonna ask some simple things about religion. please answer honestly
Israel 2009-01-23
Dressing of Catholic girls - only for Catholic girls! 2004-10-23
What are you allowed and what do you want to wear, Catholic girls? (If you would like to write me...
Life after death 2009-07-15 (closed)
Life after death
Which Religion do you think is true 2011-07-09 (closed)
10 Questions from different world religions
What is the definition of an 'agnostic'? 2012-04-09
What is the definition of an 'agnostic'?
Bush has committed crimes against Man and Nature and should be Jailed For Life.
Defining an atheist. 2011-03-16
So many people have different ideas on the definition of what an atheist is. Dictionaries are of ...
What does your religion mean to you 2007-11-08
Exactly as the title says. This is not about judgement, I am just interested in what other people...
Who is the most deadly enemy of the Catholic Church today? 2011-07-26
Who is the most deadly enemy of the Catholic Church today?
What is atheism and do atheist posses a moral code? 2002-04-15
a common misinterpreted and misrepresented term-atheism. let's see what the common person believ...
They like Jesus, but hate the church. 2007-06-06
I recently attended a workshop by this title and it really got me thinking. Is the reason why Chr...
Chrsition Teen Girl Wardrobe 2009-12-12
What do you think is appropriate for us to wear if we are christions?
For Those Who Have Had The Born-Again Experience 2003-06-30
The "born-again" experience phenomenon is one that many people personally relate to but...
Does all of God's creation have a purpose? 2008-02-12
In the last few days, a robot space probe called Messenger flew past the planet Mercury. It sent ...
How many people believe in god and the rest of what the catolic Church says? 2010-04-09
Help me answering this question. You won't land in hell, I believe.
Moslems 2007-07-24
Religious Discrimination
Liberal Christianity 2007-11-13
Hi! I'm a liberal christian and was just wondering what others thought of liberal christianity.
Mormonism: What do you think? 2002-03-28
I'm really curious about what others, both Christian and Non-Christian, think of Mormonism. Anyw...