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Science vs Religion 2007-06-19
Science vs Religion. Which will you choose?
7 Deadly Sins 2008-04-09
7 Deadly Sins
What is your ideology? 2013-03-14
Atheist - Does not believe in God, nor religion Deist - Believes in God, not religion Theist - ...
Religion - which one? 2009-08-04 (closed)
When you say or think of the word "religion", which one do you ALWAYS think of first?
athiest poll 2011-09-28
athiest poll
Religion Ques. 2009-09-02
i'm gonna ask some simple things about religion. please answer honestly
Israel 2009-01-23
Life after death 2009-07-15 (closed)
Life after death
Which Religion do you think is true 2011-07-09 (closed)
10 Questions from different world religions
What is the definition of an 'agnostic'? 2012-04-09
What is the definition of an 'agnostic'?
Bush has committed crimes against Man and Nature and should be Jailed For Life.
Defining an atheist. 2011-03-16
So many people have different ideas on the definition of what an atheist is. Dictionaries are of ...
What does your religion mean to you 2007-11-08
Exactly as the title says. This is not about judgement, I am just interested in what other people...
Dressing of Catholic girls - only for Catholic girls! 2004-10-23
What are you allowed and what do you want to wear, Catholic girls? (If you would like to write me...
Who is the most deadly enemy of the Catholic Church today? 2011-07-26
Who is the most deadly enemy of the Catholic Church today?
What is atheism and do atheist posses a moral code? 2002-04-15
a common misinterpreted and misrepresented term-atheism. let's see what the common person believ...
For Those Who Have Had The Born-Again Experience 2003-06-30
The "born-again" experience phenomenon is one that many people personally relate to but...
They like Jesus, but hate the church. 2007-06-06
I recently attended a workshop by this title and it really got me thinking. Is the reason why Chr...
Does all of God's creation have a purpose? 2008-02-12
In the last few days, a robot space probe called Messenger flew past the planet Mercury. It sent ...
Chrsition Teen Girl Wardrobe 2009-12-12
What do you think is appropriate for us to wear if we are christions?
How many people believe in god and the rest of what the catolic Church says? 2010-04-09
Help me answering this question. You won't land in hell, I believe.
Moslems 2007-07-24
Religious Discrimination
Liberal Christianity 2007-11-13
Hi! I'm a liberal christian and was just wondering what others thought of liberal christianity.
What do you believe in? 2008-08-04 (closed)
Do you believe in aliens? Who created the piramids, the crop circles? Are you superstitious? Do y...
Last minutes on Earth 2008-11-18 (closed)
If you knew you have 30 minutes left to live on Earth, what would you do?