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Jesus Said That He Is The Only Way To Heaven. Do You Believe Him? 2010-03-26
That the only way to achieve eternal life is by believing in him.
which of these are cults 2017-03-15
which of these would you call a cult
Christmas - a Christian festival, or a pagan one? 2007-12-30
I am writing this as another Christmas is almost upon us. Most people would see it as a Christian...
What religion are you? (for a school project) 2012-02-01
please take this poll..my friend and i are doing a poll for a project. we wont judge u by ur rel...
Who Invented Religion? 2001-10-05
There are all kinds of religion out there and who's to say what you are. Is it just what your bor...
America's Christian Heritage --- 2010-11-10 (closed)
Should America give up it's Christian & Bible heritage???
Atheist, Agnostic, Secularist, non-religion poll 2012-09-26
A poll about non-religious demography
Religions? 2008-12-29
Answer these questions about religion(s).
Differances in views between Christians and those who aren't 2008-03-01 (closed)
I am interested in how Christians differ from non-Christians in their views on differant social a...
Everyone: Do you belive in "God"? (Poll by blackninja133) 2008-03-09
God... Who is he? Why is he? When is he? No-one really knows for certain... or do they?
Christianity 2013-01-07
Is Divorce an Unforgivable Sin? 2006-05-17
I have heard some people say divorce is an unforgivable sin. Answer my question.
Is there REALLY a war against Christianity? 2007-12-27 (closed)
Some say that there is a war against Christianity in America and that they are being persecuted. ...
Jesus's Religious Affiliation 2008-07-26
Jesus's Religious Affiliation
The point of existence is...? 2008-09-10
The point of existence is...?
Do you beleive in God or Jesus? 2009-02-04
Do you beleive in God or Jesus?
About Jesus 2011-12-05
This is a poll to find out people's beliefs about Jesus, a Jew who lived 2000 years ago.
Jewish Poll (JEWS ONLY PLEASE) 2002-10-24
I'm just interested to see what other Jews believe... (I'll probably add more to this when I thi...
Dodekatheism (Greek Olympian gods worship) 2004-07-07
Dodekatheism is a religion that people in ancient Greece believed in. It is based in Greek mythol...
What Religion Do You Adhere To? 2008-01-05 (closed)
What Religion Do You Adhere To?
My execution 2012-11-07
I have this odd fantasy about being executed... if this were to happen where , and which method o...
Do you say grace before eating? 2009-03-28
The title of the poll is sufficient to describe the subject matter.
Which of today's religions would Jesus condemn? 2013-06-11
If you have read the words of Jesus in the Holy Bible, it is very clear that he often condemned t...
Which of the following are sins? 2007-06-04
Which of the following are sins?
7 Deadly Sins 2008-04-09
7 Deadly Sins