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Male Christian Purity 2013-10-08
This poll is for DEVOTE CHRISTIAN MEN ONLY. The Bible is not always clear on somethings. What is ...
Noah's Ark - truth, half-truth, or flat-out myth? 2003-12-05
I was wondering what people thought about Noah's Ark and the Flood story. Do you believe it to be...
Do you believe that Adam and Eve were the first people? 2009-05-01 (closed)
Do you believe that Adam and Eve were the first people?
Is God Perfect? 2008-02-08
Is God Perfect?
Would you support Sunday legislation? 2006-11-02
This poll is to see whether or not most people would support the passage of Sunday legislation.
Did Jesus Exist? 2007-10-26
There is no historical evidence of Jesus' existence. Do you believe Jesus existed, or was he just...
Religion Poll 2011-09-14
Biggest poll about religions!
Are you going to heaven or hell? 2006-03-02
Everyone says they are going to heaven. But why? What does it take? You MUST be sure, you can'...
Christians: how far did you go before you got married? 2006-03-07
There is much talk today about how far is too far physically for Christians to go before they get...
modest clothing (tzniut) 2009-08-03
This poll is directed specifically towards modest women of all faiths. It addresses the manner of...
diaper and plastic pants under white dresses for easter vigil baptisms 2015-12-09
I want to know if there are any other catholic teen girls who had to wear a diaper and plastic pa...
Various controversial questions 2004-05-03
Various hot topics.
what does it take to get into heaven? 2008-03-17
what does it take?
Define 'atheist' and define 'agnostic'. (for believers and non-believers!) 2010-03-27
What is the definition of 'atheist'? What is the definition of 'agnostic'?
Can you prove god exists? 2007-08-06
Which of these arguments convinces you that god does or does not exist? If there are arguments I ...
What would happen if all the religious extremists in the world suddenly shut up? 2009-09-05
Imagine: In an instant all the extremists suddenly had an epiphany and started keeping their reli...
Evangelical Christian Men and Homosexuality (ONLY FOR Evangelical MEN) 2010-04-05
This poll in intended to be answered only by Christian men who are practicing Evangelicals. I bel...
God, Evolution or Aliens: Where did we come from? 2011-04-29
Hi Everyone! I have developed this poll in attempt to understand the popular beliefs of human ...
Religion 2013-03-22
What is your general religious belief?
Bisexuality 2006-06-09
Who is/was Jesus? 2012-04-02
I am interested in who people think Jesus is/was.
Religion/Lifestyle 2005-08-11
This is just a poll to see how people's lifestyles relate to their beliefs or lack thereof.
Is PreMarital Sex an Unforgivable Sin? 2006-05-15
What do You think?
Do you believe the rapture is soon? 2009-04-12
I just want to know in general how many Christians and non Christians believe in the rapture and ...
Most Liberal religion in the world 2009-09-24
Which religion is the most liberal