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Is God Perfect? 2008-02-08
Is God Perfect?
Religious or cultural restraints 2014-08-13
This poll is about people wearing restraints because of religious or cultural reasons. <br /...
Would you support Sunday legislation? 2006-11-02
This poll is to see whether or not most people would support the passage of Sunday legislation.
Did Jesus Exist? 2007-10-26
There is no historical evidence of Jesus' existence. Do you believe Jesus existed, or was he just...
Male Christian Purity 2013-10-08
This poll is for DEVOTE CHRISTIAN MEN ONLY. The Bible is not always clear on somethings. What is ...
Are you going to heaven or hell? 2006-03-02
Everyone says they are going to heaven. But why? What does it take? You MUST be sure, you can'...
Religion Poll 2011-09-14
Biggest poll about religions!
Various controversial questions 2004-05-03
Various hot topics.
Define 'atheist' and define 'agnostic'. (for believers and non-believers!) 2010-03-27
What is the definition of 'atheist'? What is the definition of 'agnostic'?
Can you prove god exists? 2007-08-06
Which of these arguments convinces you that god does or does not exist? If there are arguments I ...
what does it take to get into heaven? 2008-03-17
what does it take?
God, Evolution or Aliens: Where did we come from? 2011-04-29
Hi Everyone! I have developed this poll in attempt to understand the popular beliefs of human ...
Which do you believe in? Big Bang or Genesis? 2016-08-28
<img src=https://s15.postimg.org/o0oew1qh7/big_bang_future.png/>
Christians: how far did you go before you got married? 2006-03-07
There is much talk today about how far is too far physically for Christians to go before they get...
What would happen if all the religious extremists in the world suddenly shut up? 2009-09-05
Imagine: In an instant all the extremists suddenly had an epiphany and started keeping their reli...
Religion 2013-03-22
What is your general religious belief?
Evangelical Christian Men and Homosexuality (ONLY FOR Evangelical MEN) 2010-04-05
This poll in intended to be answered only by Christian men who are practicing Evangelicals. I bel...
Do you believe the rapture is soon? 2009-04-12
I just want to know in general how many Christians and non Christians believe in the rapture and ...
Most Liberal religion in the world 2009-09-24
Which religion is the most liberal
The smarter people get the less religous they are (is it true?). 2010-07-13
Studies say as people get smarter (IQ) the less percentage are religious (we will find out) and w...
Religion/Lifestyle 2005-08-11
This is just a poll to see how people's lifestyles relate to their beliefs or lack thereof.
Is PreMarital Sex an Unforgivable Sin? 2006-05-15
What do You think?
God/Aliens/Spirits/Satan/ Demons/Angels Poll 2006-07-05
Vote in what you believe :D
modest clothing (tzniut) 2009-08-03
This poll is directed specifically towards modest women of all faiths. It addresses the manner of...
Who is/was Jesus? 2012-04-02
I am interested in who people think Jesus is/was.