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Beliefs and Religion 2002-03-27
What do you believe?
Religion Coffee House 2002-04-09
Spiritual? What is your preference? A latt'e Jesus or mocha Buddha, maybe a frappacino hindu?
A question for Christians! 2003-06-10
Was there DEATH before Adam and Eves sinned. If yes, then God is responsible for DEATH . If no, t...
Christian thoughts on politics 2004-03-09
This poll is for Christians. I am not a Christian and I want to see what you think of Democrats. ...
Views of the Sacraments 2004-04-30
Answer these questions to register your views on the Christian sacraments (ordinances)
I am a graduate architecture student doing a thesis project that deals with religion and evangeli...
Evolution: Theory or Fact? 2004-08-16
Some people treat evolution as a favt. Others maintain it is a theory with no evidence to back it...
Dating NonChristians 2005-10-08
IS it acceptable for a professed Christian to date a professed non Christian?
The Role of the Cemetery in Society 2007-04-09
I am studying the changing role of the cemetery in society. I am especially interested in what th...
Why did God create the Earth in 6 days and rested on the 7th day? 2009-04-09
Why did God create the Earth in 6 days and rested on the 7th day?
Legislative Prayer 2014-05-19
In the recent case of Town of Greece vs. Galloway, the Supreme Court ruled that legislative bodie...
Jesus 2001-03-18
Do you believe that He died for your sins...and that He reigns in Heaven.
Wicca 101 2001-12-12
Okay, if you think this is full of you know what, just go to another poll, okay? This is just to...
The Wiccan Poll 2002-01-30
This is a Poll for Wiccans.
Who is your favorite Bible Character? 2002-03-08
Please vote from the following
Are you A Christian? 2003-08-22
Do you think your a Christian? Here's some things to think about...
How do you get to Heaven? 2004-01-28
How does a person get to Heaven after they die?
spirituality vs. sex 2004-02-17
This is a poll dedicated to learning what young adults feel in regards to spirituality and/or the...
Agnostic/Athiests information 2004-12-08
Was this a decision?
Evolution 2005-03-18
This poll is intended to gain a greater understanding of the public's knowledge and acceptance of...
What do you believe in? 2005-07-21
Do you have a religion? Or not? If so, what is it? If not...what DO you believe?
Cotholicism 2006-06-05
Let's see if many Catholics and none catholics alike agree on certein issues. Like teachings, Mor...
Leaving the Church (For Catholics) 2006-07-14
Questions for Pentecostals/Charismatics only 2008-11-18
I want to find out a little about the practices of Pentecostals/Charismatics.
QUESTION OF THE MONTH 2009-04-09 (closed)