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Atheism 2002-10-03
Are you and atheist? Why?
Should infants be baptised? 2002-12-03
Some ministers baptise infants into their Church, even though the infant can have no knowledge or...
Religious Practice 2003-10-14
I am a spiritual person, i claim no religious affiliations. I'm curious as to the prefered relig...
Creationism VS. Evolutionism 2004-01-07
Please tell me if you believe in Creation, or Evolution. This is for a school project, and I woul...
Is there a god? 2004-02-14
Do you believe that there is a god?
Christians: Demographics of Calvinists and non-Calvinists 2004-10-26
This is a simple poll to discover what sort of people are Calvinists (those who believe God has p...
Saying your Prayers 2006-04-19
Did you say your prayers at bed time, when you were a child?
What do you belive in 2006-09-19
What do you belive in
Youth event for January 25 2013-01-21
Youth event for January 25
Holy Potty-Mouth, Batman®! 1999-10-06
As Christians, we sometimes fall into sinful acts which deliver us from the friendship of God. V...
Religion 2000-08-11
Where do you stand?
Fun Religion Questions 2000-12-26
Answer my fun questions and email me if u have any questions. Tinkababe5@aol.com
Question 2001-03-21
Is Jesus, the Son of God also God?
Do you believe that Jesus is God? 2002-02-11
Do you believe that Jesus is God?
Morality 2003-01-27
Does your religion or your lack of religion influence the moral choices you make in life? That's ...
Common Beliefs 2004-09-12
here are just some common questions about spirituality
Did religion mess you up? 2005-02-02
Have your experiences with religion while young or later in life cause you emotional harm?
Creationism Poll 2006-06-19
Poll on creationism, age of the earth
Who Would Jesus Bomb? 2006-08-11
Everybody seems to have a different idea of what Jesus would or wouldn't do.Many say he wouldn't ...
Israel vs. Hezbollah 2006-08-13
A quick survey to see how many of you actually understand what the heck is going on in the middle...
Believers- What are the characteristics of God? 2007-09-30
I want to get a feel for what believers think of their belief.
Atheists- What are the characteristics of God? 2007-09-30
I'd like to get a feel for what Atheists reject in their non-belief.
Questions About Faith 2009-02-10
This poll is just to ascertain a better understanding for myself of others religious beliefs and ...
heaven will be... 2012-04-02
what will heaven look like
Christian Living 2001-04-17
Exactly what does it mean to live like a Christian?