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Do you think god considers you personally important? 2007-09-02
Do you think god considers you personally important?
The Holdeman Poll II 2008-08-15
The Holdeman Poll II
Shariah Law 2009-12-21 (closed)
Is Shariah Law a real threat to American women?
are we in the trib 2012-04-02
are we in the trib
Religion in Public Schools 2002-05-16
I am in the 10th grade and creating a poll for my research paper. If you have the desire please p...
The Crusades and Modern Jihads 2003-07-02
Over 900 years ago, in 1095, the first of many Christian Holy wars was launched. In response, Mus...
Catholic Respect at Mass. 2004-11-21
There can be found varied levels of respect in the celebration of Mass and of the Holy Eucharist....
Should Abortion be Legal 2006-02-16
Many People have differant views on the subject, i want to know yours and why.
religion 2006-09-06
Just to know what the religion pop. is.
Religion and Hypnosis 2006-12-02
I am collecting information on how many Christians have been hypnotized. If your not a Christian...
How can you get to Heaven? 2007-02-28
What must you do in order to go into heaven?
Are you Going to Heaven when you die? 2007-10-02
Read the Below Bible verses and fill in the blanks!<b> <br> <br> <b>&l...
Muslims 2008-09-06 (closed)
In light of all that is going on in the middle east and the fast approaching anniversary of Septe...
Saibaba Temple in NC 2008-12-07 (closed)
To get an idea of how many people wanted to have a temple for Shirdi SaiBaba
Are You A "Religious" Christian? 2010-07-10
This poll should help you determine whether you are a religious Christian or not.
Do you proselytize?? 2003-02-15
I'm just curious about how many people proseytize to other people. Please only answer the questio...
Are you a Christian? 2005-06-01
gee, are you a Christian? Do you beleive in God?
Remarriage After Divorce 2006-07-10
What kind of sin is it?
What do you believe 2006-10-25
This poll is for ANYONE
"Salvation Nation" 2006-11-01
This is a poll for Christians and non-Christians who either believe they are saved or not or both...
Physics and Religion 2006-12-24
People often say science and religion are not mutually exculsive. This is an entirely NON-scient...
What do you think about...? 2007-07-03
Choose any answer you like. If your opinion is not up there feel free to write it in the message ...
Barefoot to Church 2012-11-07
This poll is to see if people go barefoot to church or other religious services.
What is right? 2000-12-06
Do you feel that everyone has a right to believe in what they want, and Practice what they want?
Which day is the Sabbath day? 2002-08-09
There is disagreement amongst people about which day is the Sabbath day. Most Christians would sa...