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What is your view on atheism? 2009-07-17
I've always been curious of how a persons influences in life affects their opinions on atheism or...
What is the Worlds Best Religion 2010-07-08
Me and my cousin were having a debate as to which is the worlds best religion, feel free to vote.
Catholic teen girls baptism outfits 2015-07-23
This poll is only for catholic teen girls who were baptized between the ages of 13 and 17.I want ...
God created Man vs. Man created God 2007-12-27
Did God creat man(Humandkind) in his (Her or it's ) image or did man (People) creat God in their ...
Religious Education in Schools 2008-01-31
At the school you went to, or are currently attending, did they have religious education classes?...
Who is Jesus? 2000-05-05
Some people say that Jesus is God, others say that he was a prophet, some say that he was a lunat...
Is there a god or gods? 2009-05-29
Is there a god or gods?
are you an average Christian? 2007-02-26
I once heard that the average christian dosn't even spend 5 minutes a day praying. I am curi...
Creationism in schools 2008-11-02
What gender is God 2009-06-01
Is god a man or a woman? You pick.
Christian Theology Quiz 2002-04-29
This is a general quiz to see what people believe :-)
Do you believe in God 2008-07-08
What has God done for you, have you received a miracle and have you been watching Todd Bentley Re...
forskin 2009-10-23
Atheism vs. Theism 2008-01-17
Atheism vs. Theism
Sunday dress code for church (boys and men only) 2011-03-19
I think it is important to dress more formally for Sunday Services to honor God, and I would like...
Atheists Only 2008-09-23
This is a poll for atheists, both spiritual and non-spiritual. If you reject belief in the super...
Is God real? 2005-07-08
The title tells ecactly what I mean. Is God real? To what extent? Why do you feel this way?
Creation or Evolution 2008-12-04
One of the hottest debates of all time. I am sure about what I belive in, but what about you guy...
Your feelings on Christianity? 2008-09-10
What do you think?
tonsure ceremony for my little brother 2008-03-16 (closed)
hi. i am sanjana.this is what happened to my 7 yr bro.my age is 15 and i am a girl.in my religion...
What are your views on Religion? 2010-03-30
What are your views on Religion?
Simple Poll: Do you believe in God? 2009-10-23
A short poll about what you believe.
Is God real 2008-05-05 (closed)
Its about God and thats it..
Male Maturity Christians View on Promiscuity and Masturbation 2010-12-04 (closed)
Male Maturity Christians View on Promiscuity and Masturbation
Do you believe in god? 2007-11-27
What is your belief?