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How often do you attend organized church? 2002-12-29
This poll is in regards to the frequency of your attendance to an organized, established church (...
Does your God exist? 2004-02-11
Look around you. Think about the events in your life, and in those around you. Open your mind t...
Aliens Vs God. 2004-04-30
Which do you believe in more, Aliens or God.
Pledge of Allegiance - Under God? 2004-11-28
Religion in schools is one of the biggest issues that public education is faced with. Should stud...
Where do you go? 2005-04-16
To find what people believe about life after death. Please answer only the questions that apply ...
Sacrament of confession (for Catholics) 2014-11-24
This poll is to find out what Catholics think of the sacrament of confession
Celibacy of Priests 2002-10-09
According to a USA Today/CNN/Gallup poll, seventy five percent of Catholics favor allowing pries...
Afterlife 2005-05-07
Do you still believe in afterlife?
Heaven or Hell 2006-02-13
Assuming that the theological realms of heaven and hell do exist, voice your opinion on where the...
What if God asked YOU....................... 2006-04-25
If you were to stand before God right now and he were to ask you a few questions what would you say?
Jews (For Christians) 2006-07-24
What is you Religion 2006-11-28
What Religion do you follow?
Religion 2007-03-21
what ur religion?
Open Religion 2007-06-18
I have written about my beliefs on religion. now I want to know yours.
Jesus Christ 2009-07-25 (closed)
This a Q&A of Jesus Christ in reference to whether or not he was the Son of God.
Atheism v.s. Theology 2001-01-13
With the seperation of church and state and the secularization of schools,many clergymen are talk...
Homosexuality and Christianity 2001-11-09
So, where do you stand? Are you above all this, blameless and able to condemn, or do you love th...
Bible Belief 2002-01-16
Believing the Bible is more than just picking and choosing. Part of the test of this is whethe...
wot do u know about islam 2004-03-23
alot of ppl dont know alot baout islam ,,, it is becouse some ppl who think that they r muslimes ...
Politically correct 2006-03-23
A poll to find out how politically correct Britain has becone because of Racism and terrorism.
How religious are you? 2006-06-13
Hey, this is just a poll to see how many poeple are religious and what kind, please answer honest...
The TEN Commandments 2006-08-23
I think a lot of these religious people are hypocritcal. I want to make a quiz to prove that.
God, Faith, & Religion 2006-12-20
A poll about religion.
Which version of the bible? 2007-03-29
Which version of the Bible is right?
religious attitudes 2007-06-04
Various religious questions.