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What's the deal with religion?? 2000-12-11
Just some questions I need answered for a seminar on religion :), please feel free to answer
Is the Bible finished? 2001-05-30
Is the Bible finished?
Religion and God 2001-10-08
Your views on religion and God.
You're not a good Catholic, if you... 2002-08-09
What makes people a good Catholic, is it enough to just believe in God or do you have to show it?
Church Preferance 2004-09-10
What makes a perfect Church?
Would we exist if there is no God 2005-08-09
I am a Christain, and the other day, I was running through the religion type polls, and noticed t...
Which is the right religion? 2006-05-17
well here you go, choose which religion you think is the correct one
NonChristians (For Christians Only) 2006-06-10
What happens to them?
For Christians 2007-09-15
I just thought this over and I figured it's something that we all need to be refreshed with and I...
Halloween Poll 2011.10.31 2012-02-15
Best Poll about this holiday
What do you know about Wicca? 2013-02-22
Here are some things about Wicca that you may or may not know.
Religion Poll 2002-11-06
I'm just curious as to what everyone believes! :) (Sorry if this gets lengthy.) Feel free t...
Hardcore For Christ? 2003-02-27
Are you hardcore for Christ?
Do you believe in God? 2003-12-17
Do you think that there is a God and if so what do you think he is like? If this poll raises ques...
teaching creationism in public schools 2004-03-24
This poll is to determine what percentage of the population of each region of the United States t...
Religion a crock? 2004-12-15
Most wars over seas are due to religion. Does it help more than ot hurts? Long ago people made ...
Catholics: Tradition or assumptions 2004-12-26
Polling on some of the most common perceptions and misperceptions about the Church today
Hell 2005-01-14
A poll on the subject of Hell.
Body Piercing (For Christians and Un Pierced People) 2006-07-01
What do you think?
Salvation+Religion 2007-03-25
Who do you think will be saved?
Kingdom Poll: Defending the Faith 2008-07-19
Each week, we'll present you with a new quick poll on your views on classic Christian and Kingdom...
Was Jesus born of a virgin? 2008-09-02 (closed)
Was Jesus born of a virgin or was he born by normal, physical conception?
What JSA events would you like to see happen? 2008-10-16
What JSA events would you like to see happen?
The Origin of the Rapture Theory (Poll for Christians) 2009-01-03 (closed)
The Origin of the Rapture Theory (Poll for Christians)
Whom do you think are true spiritual leaders and whom do you think are not?