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What's your Christian denomination? 2009-08-14 (closed)
What's your Christian denomination?
How Non-christians view christians and their beliefs 2003-08-06
are they hypocritic prats or sound ppl
poll for muslims 2004-08-13
as muslims know there are many different beliefs in Islam. God said he would guide those who wou...
Sex and religion 2005-10-12
Do you have sex and if so is it in agreement with religion?
Dualism , Materialism or Idealism ? 2007-03-21
I would like to know how you perceive the world from your point of view.
Orthodox Church 2007-05-24
How much do you know about Eastern Orthodox Christianity?
Faith and Religion 2007-06-15
Flying Spaghetti Monster VS intellegent design 2007-12-11
If intellegent design is taught in schools then should the Flying Spaghetti Monster be taught as...
whats your favorite holiday? 2008-12-11
choose between a list of holidays!!!
Theotokos, Theotokos!!! 2002-12-06
In the fourth century, at the Council of Ephesus, Mary was acclaimed the Mother of God while the ...
"Blue" Laws and "Moral" Laws 2003-09-03
A Blue law is a law that prohibits a person from doing something on a day of religious celebratio...
Church 2006-05-04
What is your fealings towards church ?
Atheists- what are the characteristics of God? 2007-10-18
I would like to get a feel for what atheists think of when someone talks about God.
Twilight? 2009-06-12
do hate twilight or one of those obssesed freaks over it?
Do you think that the Muslim Community as a whole needs better representation? 2010-09-22
This poll is for Muslims only. After the whole controversies dealing with the Ground Zero Mosque ...
Scientology 2002-04-22
What is Scientology?
do you trust Jesus 2002-05-02
this is the question.i like to know why and why not dont trust Jesus?
A little different Religion question 2004-05-03
Here are some less than usual questions.
God and Jesus Christ 2004-08-03
This is a poll whose objective is to know what are your beliefs about God and Jesus Christ. This ...
Church and State 2006-01-06
The making of a documentary...need to have some statistics in it. (Americans only please, for the...
US religious adjustments 2006-05-13
should the US & the companies in it change all the traditonal old ways for the minorities?
Ninja Poll 106: Do Miracles Happen? 2008-05-22
Do Miracles Happen? That depends on what you mean by Miracle. Littlewood's law, making certain su...
A Poll of Former Catholics 2012-07-09
One out of ten Americans is a former Catholic. This poll attempts to learn the attitudes of form...
Bill Nye/Ken Ham Debate 2014-02-07
Who won the recent debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham?
Your religious views 2000-10-19
I'm just curious about other people's religious beliefs. Visit my page at http://www.geocities.co...