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Christian or Not?? 2008-12-28 (closed)
Christian or Not??
Describing god 2009-08-01
Describing god
Scientology Truth 2010-02-20
Scientology Truth
Religion and Your Life 2002-01-12
This poll evaluates religion and the importance in your life
Your Denomination 2004-05-22
What is your Christian denomination?
Satanism 2005-07-29
i am an occultist, and thinking about joining the church of satan and i wanna see how ignorant y...
Non Muslims 2006-03-07
What do non Muslims think of Muslims?
Do YOU believe in God, and if so, how much. 2007-05-21
Title explains it all. I am 100% Theological believing all the Bible because of evidence. What ...
Theological Beliefs 2007-05-24
Various theological beliefs.
Family prayer, study and worship. 2008-09-10
My parents are very religious (Roman Catholic) and insist we (them, my brother and myself) spend ...
Christian husband and bikini 2009-11-15 (closed)
my christain husband does not wish me to wear bikinis and sexy swimsuits in public anymore as he ...
A Poll for Practicing Catholics 2012-07-09
Two out of ten Americans are practicing Catholics. This poll attempts to learn the attitudes of ...
Jesus: Rich or Poor? 2013-10-28
Determine if people's opinion of Jesus would change if they found out he wasn't poor?
The Holy Bible: Eight Questions 2003-01-03
This poll consists of eight questions pertaining to the Bible. Christians and non-Christians ali...
Christian & Non-christian views on the universe 2007-05-10
Hey, this is an interesting little poll i set up, and im very interested to see the results. Plea...
Atheism and Supernatural beliefs 2012-01-30
This poll is ONLY for atheists, please do not answer this if you are religious.
Why do people choose to believe in a deity 2012-02-22
I am Athiest and am curious
For Theists: The reason behind your faith. 2016-03-01
OK, I'll be straightforward: I am an Atheist. But I'm honestly interested in learning the reasons...
Scripture 2001-12-24
This is a poll of what scriptures you believe to be true and sacred.
Christian acts vs beliefs 2002-01-24
Suppose that one person ALWAYS acts just as Jesus said to, but does NOT believe ANY of the belief...
Creation/evolution: what does the other side believe? 2002-11-25
<font face="Times New Roman">For this poll, you’ll have to pick a side first: cr...
The Holy Bible 2005-07-26
Do you beleive the Word of God, the Bible, is inspired by God?
Do I Have fun or am I a muslim? 2006-05-31
Is life fun for you or should you convert to islam?
Religious groups 2006-11-21
Hello, I'm doing a thesis for my college writing class and this is an experiment to see whether m...
Religious Tolerace and Freedom 2007-03-07
I am making this poll to see how Americans truly feel about freedom to practice their religion in...