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Religion Poll 2004-02-16
Now a days when man is being more and more selfish & materialistic, it is needed to get his a...
What are the prerequisites for being a missionary 2005-11-21
What do you think about missionaries? What is important for them to know, do, and be? How imp...
Wicca 2008-04-09
Have you heard of, or practiced Wicca?
Confession and Communion (for Catholics) 2009-09-15
I try to be a fairly strict catholic because I believe that I am commanded to be. One thing that...
religion 2011-11-20
aims to ask people certain questions on religion
Religious Affiliations, Beliefs and Bible Preferences 2000-03-20
Below you will find questions related to your religious affiliation/background, specific beliefs,...
The Importance of Ramadan 2001-12-31
I am making this poll for a school project, so please take it! The purpose is to find out the im...
Religion and Atheism 2003-06-25
This is a poll about religious beliefs and opposition to them.
Religion 2005-11-21
what do you believe
Should the Roman Catholic Church have an Anglican Rite? 2006-08-19
Currently, the Roman Catholic Church offers an Anglican Use style of worship, especially for Past...
Over-the-Top Christians 2007-05-24
The United States: Secular or Religious? 2008-03-13 (closed)
Is your religion more important than your patriotism? While faith is a personal issue, when it c...
Are you virtuous? 2010-11-07 (closed)
For a research project we are testing the hypothesis that you do not have to be religious to be v...
Mormonism 2001-12-27
This is merely a poll to see what your opinion is about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day ...
For Practicing/Believing Christians Only 2002-12-20
To get accurate results, this poll is for *practicing/believing* Christians only. I am Jewish ...
Do you believe in destiny? 2003-05-06
Do you believe in destiny? Do you think that some things in life are destined or none at all?
Serious Religion 2003-11-15
I've tried to compose the most complete, comprehensive poll on your religion and how it influence...
Religion Poll 2004-04-19
We have many many religions all around the world. But the question is: what is the right one to f...
Christians and pornography 2005-03-16
Please could people answer these questions very simply, just stating what is the closest to your ...
Should former Pope John Paul II become the patron saint of child sex predators? 2008-12-12
a simple question, yes or no. Should JP II become the patron saint of csps?
What is Your Religion? 2008-12-29 (closed)
What is Your Religion?
Life after death. 2002-01-15
Do you believe there is life after death?
Religious viewpoints 2004-03-23
This poll is on the most important subject that exists: Religion
Mormons 2005-03-02
I'm a mormon and have always wondered what others think of us. nobody will ever say what they thi...
Christian or Not?? 2008-12-28 (closed)
Christian or Not??