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The Importance of Ramadan 2001-12-31
I am making this poll for a school project, so please take it! The purpose is to find out the im...
For US Catholics 2004-01-07
I am interested in the how Catholics feel in relation to the wider American society.
Religion Poll 2004-02-16
Now a days when man is being more and more selfish & materialistic, it is needed to get his a...
What are the prerequisites for being a missionary 2005-11-21
What do you think about missionaries? What is important for them to know, do, and be? How imp...
Wicca 2008-04-09
Have you heard of, or practiced Wicca?
Confession and Communion (for Catholics) 2009-09-15
I try to be a fairly strict catholic because I believe that I am commanded to be. One thing that...
religion 2011-11-20
aims to ask people certain questions on religion
Mormonism 2001-12-27
This is merely a poll to see what your opinion is about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day ...
Religion and Atheism 2003-06-25
This is a poll about religious beliefs and opposition to them.
Christians and pornography 2005-03-16
Please could people answer these questions very simply, just stating what is the closest to your ...
Religion 2005-11-21
what do you believe
Should the Roman Catholic Church have an Anglican Rite? 2006-08-19
Currently, the Roman Catholic Church offers an Anglican Use style of worship, especially for Past...
Over-the-Top Christians 2007-05-24
The United States: Secular or Religious? 2008-03-13 (closed)
Is your religion more important than your patriotism? While faith is a personal issue, when it c...
Should former Pope John Paul II become the patron saint of child sex predators? 2008-12-12
a simple question, yes or no. Should JP II become the patron saint of csps?
Are you virtuous? 2010-11-07 (closed)
For a research project we are testing the hypothesis that you do not have to be religious to be v...
For Practicing/Believing Christians Only 2002-12-20
To get accurate results, this poll is for *practicing/believing* Christians only. I am Jewish ...
Do you believe in destiny? 2003-05-06
Do you believe in destiny? Do you think that some things in life are destined or none at all?
Serious Religion 2003-11-15
I've tried to compose the most complete, comprehensive poll on your religion and how it influence...
Religious viewpoints 2004-03-23
This poll is on the most important subject that exists: Religion
Religion Poll 2004-04-19
We have many many religions all around the world. But the question is: what is the right one to f...
Mormons 2005-03-02
I'm a mormon and have always wondered what others think of us. nobody will ever say what they thi...
What is Your Religion? 2008-12-29 (closed)
What is Your Religion?
Christianity and the Death Penelty and other topics 2001-10-02
Christians... are you for the death penelty? ...abortion? ...gay marriages? take this poll an...
Life after death. 2002-01-15
Do you believe there is life after death?