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A question for believers 2009-02-20
<p>Many religions, particularly the monotheistic variety, claim in their texts that their g...
Was Jesus Radical in his treatment of women? 2009-12-21
Just Looking for a General Idea of Peoples views for the topic..Do you think he treated women in ...
Rocks go to heaven 2010-04-08
I once got the thought that rocks go to heaven. When a star like our sun dies, and the solar sys...
Kneeling before God (Roman catholics) 2011-03-23
I feel that, at least in my country (France), much less people than in the past kneel to pray, ye...
Do you believe that there will be marriage in the afterlife? 2013-07-16
Do you believe that there will be marriage or continuance of your marriage in the afterlife?
Islam 2002-06-03
General opinion about Islam.
Are you really a Christian? 2003-07-16
Test to see how much of a Christian you are?
Religion 2006-01-18
What YOU believe in
There have been alot of poll on this & i want veryone to vote on this one I want like 1,000 v...
Your religon and why you believe it 2006-09-18
Im just curious who peoples religons are and why they believe it
Are You Muslim? 2007-03-29
Just a poll to find out the type of people that visit my site.
All 66 Books 2007-12-03
The most published, quoted and arguable influential book in the history of the world is made up o...
End Times? Anti-Christ? 2003-04-08
Chapter 16 in the book of Revelation makes mention to the Euphrates River which runs directly thr...
Should Bush Be Tried For War Crimes 2006-03-21
Bush lied to start a War in Iraq and Bush used Radioactive bombs and bullets that have contaminat...
The Jew 2007-05-08
I think many still wonder what exactly is a Jew. I believe it can only be a descendent of Abraham...
Gospel fest what do you think ? 2010-05-02 (closed)
Gospel fest what do you think ?
Who is the most evil 2010-05-30 (closed)
All religions have poisoned the world and their leaders encourage ongoing acts of evil against fe...
Satanism your veiws (non-satanists) 2006-06-08
This is my poll to find out what non-satanists think of satanism for a report I am doing in R.E. ...
do you believe this year the end of the world 2012-01-23
do you believe this year the end of the world
Religion and Homosexuality 2002-05-23
Hi, I wanted to know how much of a basis religon has on the thought process and exceptance of hom...
Buddism vs Christianity 2002-06-26
I find that Buddism and Christianity contradict a lot. What do you think?
Christian Churches - updated 17/11/03 2003-09-02
This poll is to find out about different churches and their practices. Newly updated 17/11, so ev...
Would you attend? 2007-06-04
For Christians, would you attend or participate in the following?
What are your dealbreakers to Christianity!? 2009-06-25 (closed)
What are your dealbreakers to Christianity!?
Religious Affiliations, Beliefs and Bible Preferences 2000-03-20
Below you will find questions related to your religious affiliation/background, specific beliefs,...