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Do you consider America a Christian nation? 2008-07-30 (closed)
America was once known as a "Christian" nation; can it still be known as that?
Saints, Mary and you (for Catholics only) 2008-08-04
I want to see what the actual beliefs of Catholics are regarding prayer and the intercession of t...
Christianity Belief and Knowledge 2011-11-28 (closed)
How many people have actually studied the Christian Bible (read it front to back with understandi...
Choice of school uniform 2004-09-25
These are some school uniforms I have seen (in Canada, US and UK). Which would you prefer?
Was Jesus Gay? 2006-07-11
Just testing out a new theory of mine. Much publicity in recent months has been given to the poss...
Catholic Belief Poll 2004-08-13
This poll is intended for Roman Catholics. It is intended to find out what Catholic believe abou...
On Christian Corporate Worship Services 2009-08-03 (closed)
This poll will be used in the preparation of a class series. Please answer honestly! Thanks f...
Religion 2011-12-29
Which one do you follow?
Afterlife heaven hell limbo purgatory poll 2012-07-02
A poll about your belief in the afterlife
Catholic Church - Ordination of Women 2000-07-05
Could your next Catholic Priest be a Woman?
Can Christians drink alcohol? 2002-01-15
This poll is about Christians and alcohol, I am adding scriptures to. I believe that the whole C...
Your religion 2006-03-21
What is your religion?
The Mormons 2007-05-08
How do you feel about mormons? How do YOU feel, not your Grandpa or whoever.
Spirituality and Religion 2008-03-04 (closed)
This poll pertains to the Christian Bible, so if you're non-Christian please just view the result...
Jewish Poll 2008-10-21
Jewish Poll
Commited Muslim (For Muslims) 2008-12-14
Commited Muslim (For Muslims)
What Time Would YOU Like For Sunday Service To Start? 2010-02-08 (closed)
If you had the opportunity to tell your Pastor the time you think your Sunday Worship Experience ...
Your Religion 2003-10-08
Since the 15 Century a Habbit Of Creating religions has begun. Today I would like to ask you what...
Biblical questions 2008-12-12
I have made 21 poll so far. I preach wednsday night lessons at church and i haven't did one poll ...
A question for believers 2009-02-20
<p>Many religions, particularly the monotheistic variety, claim in their texts that their g...
Was Jesus Radical in his treatment of women? 2009-12-21
Just Looking for a General Idea of Peoples views for the topic..Do you think he treated women in ...
Rocks go to heaven 2010-04-08
I once got the thought that rocks go to heaven. When a star like our sun dies, and the solar sys...
Kneeling before God (Roman catholics) 2011-03-23
I feel that, at least in my country (France), much less people than in the past kneel to pray, ye...
Do you believe that there will be marriage in the afterlife? 2013-07-16
Do you believe that there will be marriage or continuance of your marriage in the afterlife?
What is the Most Important Book of the Bible? 2014-04-21
What book of the Bible is the most vital for Christians today?