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Percent of world population going to heaven 2010-03-28
What percent of the world's population will go to heaven when they die?
Sunday Church 2011-08-15 (closed)
if you are a christian ,tell me about your sunday
The God you want to be 2013-08-07
What type of god or deity would you like to be?
Marriage vs. Dating 2007-10-26
I am writing an expose on views that americans have on marriage. The fears we have on dating and ...
GREECE poll 2008-07-08
If you're a Greek, take this poll, if not, take it anyway!
circumcision and reducing masturbation(poll for boys/men cut as teens) 2014-10-06 (closed)
I ask myself ,did the doctors in years from 1800 till1930 when the campagne to stop masturbation...
Religious likes and dislikes 2005-02-21
The purpose of this poll is to find out which religion has the greatest number of believers, and ...
Would you ever convert 2006-04-14
What religion are you now and would you ever convert and to what ?
Anti Semitism 2006-05-23
Is Hatred towrards Jews a thing of the Past or is it still just as strong today?
Does God have a gender? 2006-09-25
In the Holy Bible, God is always referred to in the masculine singular, with a capital letter - &...
Religion Question 2009-09-05
Want to find out how many people believe in God.
Are Mormons Christian? 2002-06-18
Many mainstream Christians claim that Mormans (members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-da...
For Mormons 2007-06-22
If you are a Mormon, take this poll and see how you rate with other Mormons.
First Amendment Knowledge 2009-06-05
What do you know about the separation of church and state? Be sure to read the correct answers in...
Is religion evil 2011-09-27
Is religion evil
Are all religions ok? 2005-03-01
My poll is to find out how people of one religion react to people of another
More Religious Beliefs 2007-07-20
Questions about religious beliefs.
Bill Maher's "Religulous": Your take 2008-10-10
A poll concerning your view of Bill Maher's new documentary, <i>Religulous</i>.
Which holiday do you celebrate? 2008-12-04
Pretty simple poll; the title says it all. I'm particularly interested in those who celebrate Ch...
number of books in bible 2002-12-16
What is Sin? (for Christians) 2003-06-06
If you're a Christian, do you consider the following sins or not?
Religious Discrimination 2007-07-21
Based on current events, please answer these questions.
Christian Religions 2003-05-23
This poll is about the belives of christian religions and how they differ. Please feel free to l...
Is God real? 2009-02-04 (closed)
So do you think God is real? or do you think people back then just made the story to make society...
Icons in Christianity 2011-10-27
A survey for a speech class concerning the use of Icons in the church.