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Teen Girls' Attire at Church (Girls Only) 2006-02-16
This purpose of this poll is to find how often teenage girls wear skirts to church, how long are ...
Creationists (for Christians only) 2009-06-12 (closed)
Why Creationist is your favorite?
Christian Morals (sex, alcohol, abortion, etc) 2002-05-16
<b>Here's list of 65 questions dealing with every aspect of Christian morality. They are de...
Does God Hate Gays? 2003-08-06
How do you really feel about Gays and Lesbians and their rights?
This poll is to find out why people are religious.
Who is Jesus Christ 2011-02-10 (closed)
Does any body reall know?
What is a Graven Image? 2003-09-02
All Bible-believing Christians, and most other people, will be aware of God's Second Commandment ...
Does God Exist? 2000-07-13
Is there really a God (or gods)? If so who is he or they?
What do you think of atheism? 2005-06-27
I'm an atheist, and I've never been exactly sure what religious people think of atheism. Wheneve...
For Christian women: Sex and Submission 2004-03-24
This poll is for born-again Christian women only. The Bible says women are to submit to their ma...
The GOD Quiz Part 1 2005-01-31
Here are quick simple questions to clear some of my doubts about people....
Creationism and Evolution - True or False 2008-01-15
Creationism and Evolution - True or False
Catholic faith and masturbation 2010-07-31
I'm Catholic, and I admit it, I masturbate. What about you?
Uniform, swimwear, respect and discipline 2008-01-21
My 18 year old daughter has got me on to mrpoll and am finding it very interesting. We are very ...
Veiling 2003-05-25
Veiling the face, this is a poll for males only It is strictly forbidden for women to fill i...
Do You Believe in GOD? 2006-03-20
This Poll is to know how many people in this world are theists
Muslim Female Attire 2006-08-17
I am just married to an islam husband. He wants me to dress up more modestly. Therefore I made th...
How was the universe created? 2009-02-13 (closed)
Hey kids...I just got inspired to write a silly lil poll about such minor details as the beginnin...
Religious Beliefs 2009-02-15
This poll is simply to ask how many people believe there is God.
should I get circumcised? 2008-07-05 (closed)
Im 16, and uncircumcised, its ok, but all the men and boys around me are circumcised, I think it ...
No Purpling! And other church camp rules 2008-11-26
I'm being interviewed to be the director of a church-owned campground that sponsors several camp...
Religion, Fashion, and Modesty (Christian Girls Only) 2006-06-13
I want to find out the types of fashions that Christian ladies prescribe to these days. Christi...
What religion makes the most sense? 2012-11-07
This poll doesn't exactly mean what religion are you practicing currently. It mostly means what i...
Will active Porn Stars go to Heaven? 2005-12-07
This poll is directly talking about porn stars that are actively involved in sex with other peopl...
Homosexuals and Homosexuality 2008-06-02
A short survey for Christians about homosexuals and homosexuality.