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Is religon getting stronger in the last few months? 2003-10-26
Generally, Religon has gotten Weaker and weaker with the passing of the decades However in the...
Religious Practice 2003-10-14
I am a spiritual person, i claim no religious affiliations. I'm curious as to the prefered relig...
Your Religion 2003-10-08
Since the 15 Century a Habbit Of Creating religions has begun. Today I would like to ask you what...
researching religion 2003-09-23
i want to find out if different religions of people are usally born in certain months
hAvE JC? 2003-09-09
don't you ever get tired of phony faiths? sometimes we come to a point when we are forced not to ...
"Blue" Laws and "Moral" Laws 2003-09-03
A Blue law is a law that prohibits a person from doing something on a day of religious celebratio...
What is a Graven Image? 2003-09-02
All Bible-believing Christians, and most other people, will be aware of God's Second Commandment ...
Christian Churches - updated 17/11/03 2003-09-02
This poll is to find out about different churches and their practices. Newly updated 17/11, so ev...
Are you A Christian? 2003-08-22
Do you think your a Christian? Here's some things to think about...
simplicity the best way 2003-08-13
most beliefs talk about simplicity as a good way to live a life
Does God Hate Gays? 2003-08-06
How do you really feel about Gays and Lesbians and their rights?
How Non-christians view christians and their beliefs 2003-08-06
are they hypocritic prats or sound ppl
Does God care about me? 2003-08-06
In todays society we seem to try everything to get that feeling of fun/satisfaction but no matter...
General Religious and Spiritual Beliefs 2003-08-02
This poll is for people of all faiths, not just the majority! I also have a forum for people ...
Which religions will stand the test of time? 2003-07-29
In the future of humankind, which religions will flourish, and which will perish? Are there any s...
Your Catholic Parish 2003-07-25
This poll is about the different types of Catholic parishes around the world.
Are you really a Christian? 2003-07-16
Test to see how much of a Christian you are?
The Crusades and Modern Jihads 2003-07-02
Over 900 years ago, in 1095, the first of many Christian Holy wars was launched. In response, Mus...
For Those Who Have Had The Born-Again Experience 2003-06-30
The "born-again" experience phenomenon is one that many people personally relate to but...
Religion and Atheism 2003-06-25
This is a poll about religious beliefs and opposition to them.
The Lord 2003-06-15
This will be a poll seeing what percent of people believe in the Lord and how much etc.
A question for Christians! 2003-06-10
Was there DEATH before Adam and Eves sinned. If yes, then God is responsible for DEATH . If no, t...
What is Sin? (for Christians) 2003-06-06
If you're a Christian, do you consider the following sins or not?
Veiling 2003-05-25
Veiling the face, this is a poll for males only It is strictly forbidden for women to fill i...
Heavens gates and hells flames 2003-05-23
Discovering whether people truly understand how salvation is attained.