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Discipline at home today 2012-03-19
I would Like to know how modern parents of under 10s discipline their kids - there is of course n...
Whats the average penis and mine (guys only please) 2013-06-03
Whats the average penis and mine (guys only please)
Moms who have been tickled 2009-12-15
This is a poll about moms being playfully tickled. Please MOMS ONLY answer the questions, but eve...
Father-Son Intimate Situations (Guys only) 2015-03-03
If you'd like to shere your stories with me, feel free to contact me here: odpodp@outlook.com
For guys - about women 2016-05-23
For guys - about women
Which is the strongest gender? 2021-01-13
Which is the strongest gender?
Wife in Islam 2003-07-29
This is a poll about the wife in islam.
Fart slave 2015-06-21
My friend and I made a bet and I lost it, as punishment I am his slave fart
Adult Children living at home 2007-10-31
I am 30 years old and just moved in with my in-laws, my 13 year old sister-in-law and mother-in-l...
Male Maids 2007-12-03
Male maids are now not uncommon - this poll is to determine women's attitude toward them.
Sleepover pranks 2005-02-20
After having my first sleepover prank experiences, I want to get back at Evan. I just want to see...
Corner Time Punishments 2010-01-28
I havent been doing too well in school lately so my mom thinks corner time should be the first st...
All about Jen! 2016-08-25
Jennifer (Don't Cross This Nurse, Let's Humble Big Brother, Cheerleader Envy) has been part of so...
Sharing Nude images of self among friends. 2017-09-05
Do you think it is acceptable to send a self nude shot to your friends with no intent of it being...
Those Teenage Taboos 2003-03-11
Which of the following have you done?
Giantess thoughts (Women Only) 2006-01-18
This poll is for women only. I'm sure most women are aware of the classic movie "Attack of t...
Your wife - naked in front of the wedding photographer? 2008-09-30
(companion poll to http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/359211)
Giantess Girlfriend 2013-11-01
When you´re Girlfriend gets Growth Spurt after Growth Spurt and overgrown you.
Men's summer clothing - for guys 2003-10-14
What do you guys like to wear for different occasions during summer.
Househusband - Women only please 2008-06-19
Househusband - Women only please
spanked by roommate 2013-12-17
I am an adult male who is sharing an apartment with another adult male. Six months ago I was fir...
Only Dresses for your Teen Girl 2017-04-24
Do you restrict your teen daughter or teen girl in your care to wearing only dresses and skirts?
Punishing my daughter (tickling) 2015-02-09
i am a father and i have a 19 years old daughter. she has a personality disorder and sometimes i ...
stronger Siblings 2001-11-11
Do you have any siblings that are stronger than you and don't let you forget it?
tie me up and punish me, girls only please 2015-06-21
Do you love to tie people up and then be mean to them? This is your chance. Lets say hypothetical...