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People / Relationships


Bigger younger sister 2015-03-02
Is your sister bigger than you? tell me about it!
Father-Son Intimate Situations (Guys only) 2015-03-03
If you'd like to shere your stories with me, feel free to contact me here: odpodp@outlook.com
Puberty (Guys Only) 2015-01-02
This poll is to find out about guys going through puberty
Chastity belt 2015-11-19
Hi all. I'm a 22 year old french woman. And My girlfriend ( very jalous ) want me in chastity bel...
Househusband - Women only please 2008-06-19
Househusband - Women only please
Punishing my daughter (tickling) 2015-02-09
i am a father and i have a 19 years old daughter. she has a personality disorder and sometimes i ...
Wife in Islam 2003-07-29
This is a poll about the wife in islam.
Butt Training 2012-03-14
There is a method of child training that doesn't involve self-help psychology books or social eng...
tie me up and punish me, girls only please 2015-06-21
Do you love to tie people up and then be mean to them? This is your chance. Lets say hypothetical...
Cheaters Never Prosper 2017-01-27
This poll is for the one's who have been cheated on or the ones who have cheated on someone.
Earrings for guys (Girls and ladies only) 2006-01-25
The purpose of this poll is to find out what women girls/ladies think of guys with earrings
Discipline at home today 2012-03-19
I would Like to know how modern parents of under 10s discipline their kids - there is of course n...
Statutory Rape 2005-04-29
There have been a lot of news stories of teacher/student sex relations so here is a poll to find ...
Male Maids 2007-12-03
Male maids are now not uncommon - this poll is to determine women's attitude toward them.
Giantess Girlfriend 2013-11-01
When you´re Girlfriend gets Growth Spurt after Growth Spurt and overgrown you.
Home Schooling girls 2015-12-16
What should girls that are home schooled be taught?
The Virginity Survey (Women only) 2010-01-28
A comprehensive survey on the views and attitudes towards virginity. If you are male feel free to...
Corner Time Punishments 2010-01-28
I havent been doing too well in school lately so my mom thinks corner time should be the first st...
Teen Boys and Crying 2011-07-27
Despite their best efforts to act manly and tough, many teenage boys are far more sensitive than ...
commando on a date 2015-01-02
This is a pole for women to see if anyone would ever go commando (no Panty) on a date
Punishments in family 2015-06-01
I have read a poll about punishing parents by children ,so I am making this poll.
Heterosexual Men - What kind of woman do you prefer? 2017-05-06
Tell me your type, your fantasy, your dream babe
spanked by roommate 2013-12-17
I am an adult male who is sharing an apartment with another adult male. Six months ago I was fir...
Whats the average penis and mine (guys only please) 2013-06-03
Whats the average penis and mine (guys only please)
Sleeping in handcuffs 2014-05-27
I am forced to wear at night a chastity belt, two woolen tights, a sweatshirt, knitted mittens an...