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People / Relationships


Girls who have pantsed guys all the way or seen it happen 2015-07-10
This poll is only for girls/women who have pantsed or seen guys get pantsed where everything was ...
For guys - about women 2016-05-23
For guys - about women
Babysitters who babysit a boy or girl who's older than yourself? 2017-01-10
This poll is for Babysitters who babysit kids (boy or girl) who are older than themselves.
Marriage: Roles and Rules 2002-11-14
What are the roles and rules in your marriage? For married people only.
Girls scissoring there boyfriends. 2007-08-14
I have a girlfriend that loves to scissor me, and if she had her way she would never let me go. T...
Older men with younger female bosses (for men only) 2010-01-01
More and more older men seem to find themselves under the supervision of younger women bosses. T...
Boys, have you ever had to wear a tennis skirt? 2013-02-11
Hi, have any boys ever had to wear a skirt to play tennis? I did when I was playing my big sister...
Is your body Small for your age? 2014-02-19
This poll is for anybody that is considered to be small for their age. Do you have younger siblin...
The perfect boob size 2016-12-08
The perfect boob size according to boys
Statutory Rape 2005-04-29
There have been a lot of news stories of teacher/student sex relations so here is a poll to find ...
Cornertime in Domestic Discipline relationship 2009-08-31
Cornertime in Domestic Discipline relationship
Taller sisters 2013-10-28
Hello everyone. Well im 18 and my "little" sister is taller then me (14) This poll is ...
Bigger younger sister 2015-03-02
Is your sister bigger than you? tell me about it!
Public discipline of children 2015-03-02
Looking at how people feel about discipline in public - anyone who slants to send further info it...
Stronger sister 2008-07-30
So i see polls about strong girls all the time and i was wonderin some things about sisters stron...
All about Jen! 2016-08-25
Jennifer (Don't Cross This Nurse, Let's Humble Big Brother, Cheerleader Envy) has been part of so...
Taller and stronger than my older brother 2016-11-17
All started 6 months ago. I'm a girl and i'm 11,5 y/o. I have a brother who is 16 y/o. I'm taller...
Guys/Girls- PANTSING!!! 2010-05-31
This poll is all about getting pantsed and pantsing. Ok- we all know what pantsing is- a common ...
commando on a date 2015-01-02
This is a pole for women to see if anyone would ever go commando (no Panty) on a date
Father-Son Intimate Situations (Guys only) 2015-03-03
If you'd like to shere your stories with me, feel free to contact me here: odpodp@outlook.com
Sharing Nude images of self among friends. 2017-09-05
Do you think it is acceptable to send a self nude shot to your friends with no intent of it being...
What do guys want in a girl? 2004-10-21
Ok, i did the poll for what girls want in us. Let me flip it around. Well guys (and girls who wan...
Moms who have been tickled 2009-12-15
This is a poll about moms being playfully tickled. Please MOMS ONLY answer the questions, but eve...
Top or bottom bi or gay 2015-02-09
I am interested to see if Bisexuals or gay males top or bottom more.
Discipline at home today 2012-03-19
I would Like to know how modern parents of under 10s discipline their kids - there is of course n...