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People / Relationships


Little brother being tickled by big brother 2003-04-17
Are you a boy and have you got a bid brother? Has he ever tickled you? Yeah? Then take part in...
What's your sexual orientaion and which porn do you prefer, if any? 2010-03-03
What's your sexual orientaion and which porn do you prefer, if any?
Changing gender roles 2007-10-27
There are now more females than males enrolled in college and university courses. Inevitably, it ...
Growing up in a strict house 2010-10-16
This is for kids/teens with strict parents, and how they raise you.
Should I submit to my husband and let him punish me? 2014-12-08
My husband and I have been married a long time. We've experimented with spanking and bondage, and...
Can guys lose their virginity to another guy? 2007-04-19
Plenty of guys, myself included, had sex with another guy before having sex with a girl for the f...
home nudism 2015-01-02
home nudism
Caught short 2009-05-22
Have you ever been out and needed a wee?
Girls physical exam 2009-09-02
Girls physical exam experiences girls only
captured 2014-07-08
You and some of your friends have managed to capture a slightly older boy who has been a little m...
Being treated like the youngest 2003-06-10
I am 15 years old and i have a brother 13 and a sister 9 and my mom always says that i am very im...
Girls, make your boyfriend happy! 2015-05-04
Here are some ideas how you can make your boyfriend happy. Will you try them out?
Tickling: Torture or Fun? 2003-03-25
For me, tickling has always been just fun. I think, it's a great way to make others laugh and ha...
Barefoot at home - simple question 2004-01-22
I personaly believe at home is bare feet the best choice of footwear. There is a lot polls about...
Future Matriarchy 2004-01-28
It has become obvious women are gaining power at an increasing pace. Will women emerge as the dom...
high school girls and their mothers 2004-11-05
I am always arguing with my daughter over her behavior and discipline. I would like to know if ot...
Teen boy private questions 2008-11-23
FOR TEEN BOYS ONLY 12 to 18 years old. I am an 13 yo boy and I am making a report for my school ...
Child encouraged to be naked 2009-04-09
Situation - A mother walks in on an eight year old boy while changing and he gets upset and cries...
Discipline Diary 2014-05-19
I have recently designed a complete 200 page Discipline diary for parents, children, friends, cou...
Teen sex 2014-11-04
Teen sex
Moms Who Tickle Their Teen Boys in Public 2015-08-13
Moms Who Tickle Their Teen Boys in Public
Mothers spanking sons 2016-11-23
This poll is ONLY for moms (not dads!) who spank their sons (not daughters!)
One night stand (for guys) 2010-01-14
Men optical view
Marriage: Roles and Rules 2002-11-14
What are the roles and rules in your marriage? For married people only.
how do your sister dominate you? 2014-10-06
how do your sister dominate you?