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Father/Son Nudity 2015-03-23
Father/Son Nudity
This is the third in an ongoing series of polls regarding familial nudity in the home and its ben...
Are any other students still disciplined by their family? 2015-09-14
When I was child and teenager I got spanked occasionally for not following major rules. I always ...
boys getting undressed or in underwear in front of dad 2013-12-26
i am curious how many boys will undress and/or be seen in their underwear in front of their dads ...
Questions for teenage boys **ONLY** 2006-10-07
There are some question teenage boys ask.
Teen Babysitter Discipline Advice 2010-03-26
Hey I'm Kyra. I'm 15, and I babysit some bratty kids. There's this one boy he's 16 and he has a c...
Punishments 2012-09-05
This is a poll to ask parents and possible future parents what kind of punishments they use, used...
Interracial poll for white Males 2002-04-04
A poll for white males and their opinions on interracial relationships.
Should I superglue Dans Chastity Cage Padlock 2014-07-14
Should I superglue Dans Chastity Cage Padlock
I'm finding that a lot of people admit to being interested in attending nude beaches but never do...
Hypno Incest 2006-04-14
This poll is about hypnotized (and be hpnotized) by a relative, have fun
How should boyfriends spank their girlfriends? 2013-01-03
Just wondering, my boyfriend spanks me, just wanted to know lol.
Little brother being tickled by big brother 2003-04-17
Are you a boy and have you got a bid brother? Has he ever tickled you? Yeah? Then take part in...
Sex Outside Marriage 2007-06-08
Attitudes to sex and infidelity have changed over the years, how liberal are you?
Boys sharing bed or bath with other boys 2002-11-23
As a kid I always shared a double bed with my brother. We both slept with nothing on, and whenev...
Farting Teen Girls 2003-06-18
Girls that like farting themselfs or find farting really funny
what do you wear for bed (KIDS ONLY) 2014-08-13
this is a poll for what you wear to bed as pajamas
Should I submit to my husband and let him punish me? 2014-12-08
My husband and I have been married a long time. We've experimented with spanking and bondage, and...
Can guys lose their virginity to another guy? 2007-04-19
Plenty of guys, myself included, had sex with another guy before having sex with a girl for the f...
Do You Like Post-Orgasm Stimulation 2015-01-02
I think I'd enjoy having someone continue to wank me after I have ejaculated. What about you? Thi...
home nudism 2015-01-02
home nudism
Clothing Rules 2017-02-21
Clothing Rules
Sitters\Babysitters 2011-06-22
Until what age did you have a sitter\babysitter?
Older Girls Playing with Dolls 2006-07-14
Hi, my name is Susan Jane and I am a single girl of 26 who still loves to play with my dolls. I h...
Changing gender roles 2007-10-27
There are now more females than males enrolled in college and university courses. Inevitably, it ...