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This is the third in an ongoing series of polls regarding familial nudity in the home and its ben...
Sitters\Babysitters 2011-06-22
Until what age did you have a sitter\babysitter?
Is It a Woman's world? 2017-02-21
Studies now show that girls dominate boys academically and socially in School at all levels. Girl...
Mothers and Sons 2008-10-23
Mothers and Sons
Father/Son Nudity 2015-03-23
Father/Son Nudity
Did You Have Any Babysitters While Growing Up? 2016-01-11
This is a poll to see if you had babysitters while growing up and how well it worked.
Real Spankings 2017-03-21
This is about real spankings I received spankings as a child, did you?
I'm finding that a lot of people admit to being interested in attending nude beaches but never do...
stronger little sisters 2003-06-30
im a 16 year old guy and my 11 year old sister completely dominates me in everything. Just wonder...
Daily Routine for Kids 2009-09-06
I am interested in finding activities of kids from the time they rise in the morning till they re...
Messing with your brothers (Guys Only!) 2015-03-23
This is for guys who love to mess with their bros, if you're the victim more often you might wann...
Hypno Incest 2006-04-14
This poll is about hypnotized (and be hpnotized) by a relative, have fun
Women's breast size survey 2006-11-15
I'm trying to find out what size breast people find most attractive.
boys getting undressed or in underwear in front of dad 2013-12-26
i am curious how many boys will undress and/or be seen in their underwear in front of their dads ...
If your little brother ask... 2010-08-21
This is for girls that have younger brothers. If you don't have a younger brother, answer as if ...
house rules and restrictions for girls 2010-09-27
a poll for girls or parents [either can fill in]
high school girls and their mothers 2004-11-05
I am always arguing with my daughter over her behavior and discipline. I would like to know if ot...
How Strict Would You Be? (Teen Babysitters Only) 2008-07-22
This poll is to see how strict you would be with children in your care if you had complete power....
What's your sexual orientaion and which porn do you prefer, if any? 2010-03-03
What's your sexual orientaion and which porn do you prefer, if any?
Hypnotizing a sibling 2009-12-12
When I was younger, I used to play hypnosis games with my siblings. I'm curious if anyone else t...
Punishment of naughty neighbour 2016-05-20
One of my neighbours have a 11 years old boy who destroyed my fence and told me "what the f*...
will all women be lesbians in the future? 2003-09-02
If you haven't been living under a rock, you'll notice that a higher and higher percentage of wom...
Sibling cuddling/snuggling (Brothers) 2009-01-13
Awwwwwwwwww, come on now, you all cuddle right? Well here is this cute little poll, sorry, no sis...
Girls physical exam 2009-09-02
Girls physical exam experiences girls only
Marriage: Roles and Rules 2002-11-14
What are the roles and rules in your marriage? For married people only.