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People / Relationships


Where should I be topless? 2015-03-23
I ran a poll recently on my clothing restrictions, and boy am I regretting asking for suggestions...
Teen Babysitters 2004-07-21
As teen babysitters, we are often required to assist with diapering, toileting and bathing tasks....
Stronger Little Sister 2013-10-08
I am 29 years old and have a younger sister that is 17 years old and she dominates me. I am 5' 3&...
Female-Led Relationships - Girls / Women ONLY Please! 2017-02-14
Current research shows that women are now dominant in education and the workplace. Also, researc...
Sex Outside Marriage 2007-06-08
Attitudes to sex and infidelity have changed over the years, how liberal are you?
Brothers 2015-07-10
Polls for brothers. Email me with any questions or stories about me and my bros.
Is your girl/boyfriend too clingy? 2003-01-03
You may be lacking in sleep or your boss notices that your cellphone keeps beeping with new messa...
Cheating Wives 2011-04-08
This is a poll to see about how many wives have cheated or would cheat on their husbands, and why.
Should I superglue Dans Chastity Cage Padlock 2014-07-14
Should I superglue Dans Chastity Cage Padlock
How should boyfriends spank their girlfriends? 2013-01-03
Just wondering, my boyfriend spanks me, just wanted to know lol.
quick survey abut penis size 2015-08-13
I'm curious about other women's experience with size and also curious how my boyfriend measures up.
Stronger younger sister 2013-11-12
This is a seperate Poll for this guy´s and girl´s out there, which have a stronger (maybe talle...
Boys sharing bed or bath with other boys 2002-11-23
As a kid I always shared a double bed with my brother. We both slept with nothing on, and whenev...
For men married to dominant wife 2011-02-10
I would like to gain some insight into life in a marriage where the woman is dominant and takes a...
Male Masterbation Poll 2009-05-11
What are male's habbits in masterbation.
College Girls Swimsuits/Bikinis (Guys) 2007-12-06
Guys opinions on the swimsuit styles of girls and what is common and acceptable
Starving for Beauty? 2021-08-04
Every girl wants to be beautiful and for most that entails maintaining a slender figure, but opin...
This is not "trolling" or fishing for perversions. I would appreciate if poll takers wo...
Teens girls and their Sleepwear (Girls 13-19) 2008-12-21
What do you like to sleep in. Let the world know!!!
Parental Rules on Teen Dating 2015-08-28
You can take this if you are a teen or a parent of a teen. What are your households rules on teen...
Teen Babysitter Discipline Advice 2010-03-26
Hey I'm Kyra. I'm 15, and I babysit some bratty kids. There's this one boy he's 16 and he has a c...
Punishments 2012-09-05
This is a poll to ask parents and possible future parents what kind of punishments they use, used...
Male-male incest 2015-03-02
Male-male incest
Growing up in a strict house 2010-10-16
This is for kids/teens with strict parents, and how they raise you.
Babysitting Girls 2007-02-08
I was wondering what some babysitters would do in some of situations