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Tickling among teens! 2003-11-25
Everyone is ticklish somewhere on their body, especially younger people - everyone loves to see ...
For Guys Who Are Beaten Up By Their Sisters 2012-11-19
I am a 16 y/o guy who is an older brother to an 11 y/o girl. She beats me up whenever she wants t...
Girls Peeing - The Urge to Pee etc 2015-01-02
Thanks for looking at my poll - would love to see your replies - I'm curious! Please only resp...
Tickling as discipline for kids 2015-11-29
I found tickling my children for discipline when they need it occasionally was very effective and...
Dating in Middle School 2016-12-26
One of my friends isn't allowed to hang out with me because her mom thinks I'm a 'bad influence',...
Embarrassed 2014-12-16
For girls and women - about dating 2016-05-31
For girls and women - about dating
would you go skinny dipping /to a nude beach with someone of the opposite sex? 2015-01-02
Lets assume someone of the opposite sex asked you to go to a nude beach or the go skinny dipping....
Adults with braces and headgear 2015-02-09
I am curious about what people think about adults with braces and headgear. My wife and I are bot...
Is your girl/boyfriend too clingy? 2003-01-03
You may be lacking in sleep or your boss notices that your cellphone keeps beeping with new messa...
Home Alone (boys) 2015-03-02
What do you do when you are home alone? for boys age 7-16
Should babysitter be allowed to punish 2005-04-03
This is a poll about what if any punishment babysitters should be allowed to use
Weak boys 2005-07-01
I'm really weak, but my girlfriend says that a lot of boys are weak too, it's true? Are more weak...
Teen Sleepover (teens only) 2010-05-10
Teen Sleepover
Sister and Brother sharing a bedroom (poll for the sister) 2006-03-30
How difficult is it to share a bedroom with your brother
Girls Only - Up Shorts Penis View 2006-06-06
I saw this happen last week, and it was on a Friend's episode one time... say you could see a gu...
Co-worker locks me in chastity 2013-10-14
I lost a bet with this gorgeous waitress Nancy at the Pizza restaurant I work at. We bet who woul...
Dominating my boyfriend 2014-03-17
My boyfriend recently confessed to me that he wants to be submissive to me and that he had gone t...
When did you first wet? 2009-05-28
I have always enjoyed wetting my knickers. I just wondered how many other people do?
Tickle (pre)teen girls 2014-10-26
Did you ever tickle preteen or teen girls? Let me know here.
quick survey abut penis size 2015-08-13
I'm curious about other women's experience with size and also curious how my boyfriend measures up.
Decide My Spanking Punishment (Public Opinion) 2016-08-24
I am 24 years old female,come from asia. I am little and have petite healthy body which currently...
Male Masterbation Poll 2009-05-11
What are male's habbits in masterbation.
Stronger Little Sister 2013-10-08
I am 29 years old and have a younger sister that is 17 years old and she dominates me. I am 5' 3&...
Male foreskin habits 2013-11-25
This poll is to analyze the habits of males who are uncircumcised. Please answer ALL questions if...