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People / Relationships


Have you ever been tied and gagged by your friends against your will? (Girls) 2013-03-11 (closed)
I often find myself in situations where my friends tie me and gag me without a particular reason ...
What would you do if the guy you're dating pees the bed? 2013-06-10
This is for girls only! So if you have a guy you is really sweet but still pees the bed, alot. Wo...
Should I be allowed to stay up late when I have friends over? 2013-08-07
I'm 17, but my parents still enforce bedtime when my friends come over!
What methods of child discipline do you approve of? 2013-10-14
Just a personal interest study. I am interested to see what the most popular methods of child dis...
Dream Girl 2013-12-06
Guys only, create your dream girl!
Ticked in School 2014-07-29
Have you ever been tickled in school? I know I have!
Your Secret Crush 2017-02-21
Let's talk about our unrequited loves...
Nudity 2002-04-22
What do you think?
Naturism 2002-08-05
To what degree should persons be allowed to use public recreation facilities and beaches nude?
Flight Attendants Uniforms 2004-02-02
Do you love the sight of female Flight Attendants in uniform? If so then imagine that your dream...
Open Marriage 2005-04-02
Describe your open relationship
Maids 2005-07-06
Modern households demand that both husband and wife work. To do housework they may hire a maid.
Underwear punishment for brother 2005-11-06
I caught my brother wearing one of my thongs and I want to punish him. What do u think i should do?
Shoe Size 2006-06-14
Shoe size information
Men 35 to 45 (men only poll) 2006-08-28
Short poll to try to determine the beliefs and habits of men aged 35 - 45
Does your mom treat you like a baby? 2008-07-30
Does your mom treat you like a baby?
summer swimsuit (boys only) 2009-05-11
summer swimsuit (boys only)
Female Coach in Boys Locker Room 2014-04-21
Female Coach in Boys Locker Room
(Girls Only) How do you get a guys attention? 2014-05-05
Flirtation, contact, flashing, clothed or nude pictures...
Potty Training Travel solutions 2014-08-05
I am currently working with my 3 year old son on potty training. While we are usually in one plac...
nuts (girls only) 2015-11-26
nuts (girls only)
Should a man shave his armpits? 2002-05-04
Do you think that a man should shave his armpits?
Low-Rise Jeans and Underwear(Men ONLY) 2003-04-09
Levi's jeans has been advertising their Dangerously Low jeans for men for a little while now. De...
stomach punching girl 2004-09-20
information about punching girls to stomach
First Kiss 2004-10-18
How was your first kiss?