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People / Relationships


White women and interracial relationships 2001-05-26
Hello, my name is PHIL. As a result of a hugh number of responses of a previous poll called FOR B...
male to male rape, did it happen to you? 2007-01-11
this topic was in the news and I've seen two guys I know, one near 30 the other only 17 both say ...
Bigger female family members 2008-12-21
Bigger female family members
neighbors window 2009-12-22
My bathroom window is directly across my neighbors living room window. At night i like to watch o...
Teen punishments from parents 2013-01-07
Teen punishments from parents
infrequent peeing 2014-02-19
Years ago I found out for myself that in my opinion I went to pee much more often than really nec...
Tickling as Punishment? 2014-03-31
I've noticed a lot of talk of using Tickling as punishment lately
how should I be tied up (males and females) 2015-03-23
I am a guy in my early 20's, I am very chatty and sometimes need to be bound and gagged so people...
Males and their partner's bits 2015-03-23
For gay and bisexual men, preferences (if any) for the naughty bits of their partner.
How to raise my daughters properly 2015-11-19
hello. My name is Jessica. I've got two Daughters (23 and 16). Both still live at home. My olde...
teen boyfriend 2016-10-13
Questions about your boyfriend
kinds of punishment 2002-12-20
this poll is about to discover how kids are being punished and at what age they get the first and...
Tickling my siblings 2003-04-08
After haviong a poll about BEING tickled by sibs and tickling with sibs in general, a poll about ...
Perfect Body For A Woman(Men Only) 2003-06-13
Tickling my boyfriend...-part 2 2003-11-04
Here is part 2 of tickling boyfriends and if they are ticklish even they claim not to be...;)
How did you play with other boys your age? (for teens) 2004-05-06
While you were growing up, what kind of play did you engage in with friends your age?
Kissing (Guys Only) 2004-07-07
All about kissing. Kissing girls or boys or both
Dream Girl... 2004-08-29
Create your perfect dream girl.
How young is 2 young???? 2004-10-07
this is a poll just 2 talk about age in a relationship!
What is a slut- BOYS AND GIRLS! 2006-03-02
Just wondering... Guys take first then the same questions for the girls at the bottom.
girly things 2006-03-17
i just wanted know how many girly teenage boys do girly things ladies can answer for there men
Girlfriends/Boyfriend 2006-10-13
How good is your relationship
statistic test for all transgenders 2009-07-01
i am a tranny myself and i am making a quiz to see how many other transgenders i can get to help ...
Question for teenage ticklish girls only 2009-11-22
Most girls I know are very ticklish. there are some questions.
Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity 2010-02-04
Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity are two very controversial subjects in today's societies. ...