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People / Relationships


Circumcision 2006-06-16
Yeah or Nah?
Gay Guys: Types 2007-02-05
Most gay guys have a "type" they prefer to be with. What is your type?
Fathers taking their daughters to the Dr. 2008-10-23
Fathers taking their daughters to the Dr.
briefs for punishment 2010-01-14
When i was 13 i wore boxers all the time and my younger brother, who was 12, wore colored briefs ...
When kids stop calling their parents Mommy and Daddy 2012-10-04
I am curious about what ages most kids stop calling their parents Mommy and Daddy and start calli...
Girls who get bare foot tickled by boyfriends 2002-09-25
I found out in an earlier poll, about girls who get tickled by their boyfriends, that lots of gir...
Girls that Like to Dominate Men 2003-01-14
Just wondering.
Girls in Pants 2004-08-16
Hi there. I have noticed that women are wearing pants more and more often. Does this mean that ...
shoes and socks taken off by someone else? 2004-11-25
My friend and I played a game of sock wrestling a few days ago, which prompted to to make this po...
Does it bother you if your wife/girlfriend flirts with guys? 2005-04-07
How do you feel if your wife/girlfriend flirts with other guys you know? Do you think the guys sh...
Boys and men who are conrolled by females. 2008-04-14
I am noticing in western countries, that females appear to be more aggressive/controlling of the...
Groin kick, acceptable or abuse? 2009-09-26
Here some example of situation of groin kicks, what do you think ? Are they acceptable or abuse ?
what should the age of consent be ? (when you can have sex) 2011-07-13
what should the age of consent be ? (when you can have sex)
Women and Feminine Males 2012-09-04
about the feminine males they may know and their relationship
Attraction to your Best Friend 2017-02-21
Have you ever had feelings of MORE than just friendship towards your best friend?
Do you usually walk around barefoot? 2017-08-15
Do you usually walk around barefoot?
Brothers having tickle-fights 2003-04-21
Hey brothers...Have you ever had tickle-fights with each other? Then take part here...
For Men Only 2005-03-29
Jus to see if you men are gay!
gay guys 2008-01-21
gay guys
Breasts 2008-11-15
Do you find small breasts or large breasts more attractive?
Most Attractive Hair Colour/Style 2009-07-15
What kind of hair do you find most attractive?
Girls OR Boys?? 2011-08-13
This poll isn't just for parents.Everyone else can vote too. A lot of times, people seem to have ...
Female led marriage 2012-02-23
I am male, 23 years old and am planning to get married. I come from a Christian family in Germany...
Ages for Parenting Milestones 2014-01-27
Poll attempting to see trends in when certain parenting milestones are reached with kids For som...
Girls only ballbusting essay 2014-07-14
Girls only ballbusting essay