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People / Relationships


Girls vs. Boys 2010-12-02
Ever get in a fight with a member of the opposite sex, serious or just messing around? Are girls...
For guys - sports, post-piss drips, bullying and other 2014-11-04
All males can fill this, but it you are over 30, please remember the time when you were between 1...
Tickling Thoughts 2015-07-10
A short poll not about tickle me, you, or fantasies, but about what you think about it in general...
Random Demographics 2016-01-11
Just to see who uses this site.
Tall girl vs short guy #7 (with pics) 2018-04-26
Welcome to the 7th of the tall vs short polls with pics! This time its the 6ft (probably taller) ...
Tha Perfect Girl 2003-09-03
Hey Ya'll This is my lil poll to see wat you consider the perfect girl. If you're a straight guy ...
early bedtime for punishment - for parents 2005-05-03
A friend of mine is the mom of a 13-year old girl. Some months ago the girl took to a really bad...
What Is your Dream Boy? 2008-07-28
What does your dream boy look Like?
Girls tickling with other girls (GIRLS ONLY!) 2009-12-24
Hi im a girl who likes tickling and being tickled by other girls. i wanted to put this poll up to...
guys - girlfriend/wife barefoot in public places? 2010-08-20
Guys - what are your feelings about your wife or girlfriend going barefoot in public? Do you app...
House Rules For Adults... 2012-05-23
Some grown men and women (18+) probably would benefit from being subject to control themselves. ...
Circumcision in the America 2013-04-15
Circumcision in the America
Wanna tickle me, girls? 2015-04-06
Would you tickle a 16 year old, black hair, olive skin, 5'9" male? Obviously, I'd love to ge...
Do you think women who are working are underpaid compared to men? 2016-10-13
Do you think women who are working are underpaid compared to men?
Babysitting!! 2016-11-29
Lost a bet and have to go barefoot. GIRLS ONLY! 2016-12-26
Lost a bet and now you have to go a day without shoes. GIRLS ONLY PLEASE!
Strength Comparisons Between Mates 2002-10-03
Many claim to have surpassed men as the stronger sex. This poll is to see how many couples have ...
Do you spank kids with Disabilites 2003-03-10
Do you belive in spanking kids if they have disobilities?
Cheating On Your Husband 2003-07-24
This is a poll for women who have either have cheated on their husbands or are thinking of cheating.
Older Sister posin 2003-09-23
I am a teen boy and my sister asked me to shoot nude pictures of her. She has nice breasts and a...
Body Hair 2004-02-02
What kind of body hair is acceptable to you?
Are Women Gaining The Balance Of Economic Power? 2004-11-25
In today's changing world, women have become more independent, assertive & ambitious. Are wom...
have ya ever (been) humiliated by a girl (reloaded) 2005-01-11
because I read in a magazine that a lot of girls at high schools and colleges humiliate boys who ...
Should Minor Children have rights That adults do??? 2005-02-14
we adults have liberties to go nude in resorts, nude locations, we adults have liberties to smok...
What does a hot girl look like?(only guys 13-16 please) 2006-05-26
If you had to pick the hottest girl in the world what would she look like?