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People / Relationships


Seeing my cousin naked 2016-06-09
My cousin slept at my house and we tryed to get to sleep but it was to hot so he said we are both...
Ever been tied up (females only) 2016-08-31
Ladies, have you ever been tied up by someone while playing around?
Barefoot house rules in 2017 2017-07-05
Do you have to go barefoot at home?
Complete Poll About Friendship 2001-10-07
This poll is all about friendship
Strip Poker - Ever Play? 2003-03-09
What's your experience with the classic game of strip poker?
Your rules about your daughter's bras - for moms 2006-08-10
Some moms worry about their daughter's bras. Some are strict. What about you?
Tall Girls 2010-02-09
Guys only please!
Men Only - Do You Prefer Boobs Or Ass 2011-05-17
Self explanatory
Should older men wear speedos? 2013-06-20
Ok, here is your chance to spew your opinion on older guys in a speedo. We aren't talking about 1...
Tickled during robbery (females only 2013-11-12
I have been tickled during plenty of robberies I want to see who else has
Parenting suggestions (girls) 2014-04-14
I would like your opinion on parenting girls
Guys, who to bring to your physical exams. 2017-08-03
Physical exams can be intimidating and it might be nice to have someone with you. Who would you ...
Boyfriend as Maid 2018-05-01
I am a man, 30, and have been dating a lovely young lady who is 28. She is doing much, much bette...
Uncomfortable Situations (swiming and road trip) 2002-06-03
If you were in these situations what would you do?? Please comment on Message Board responsibly
Clothes and shoes for different situations 2005-12-13
I want to see how guy and girls differ with clothing choices, shoes, socks and bare feet if they ...
Childrens swimwear 2007-04-18
Interested in getting your views on the different types of childrens swimwear and how appropiate ...
Traits & Characteristics of the Perfect Girl 2008-04-09
Hi guys, this poll is to get an idea of what characteristics and physical features guys want in g...
guys who love tickling their girlfriends feet 2008-11-26
Girls vs. Boys 2010-12-02
Ever get in a fight with a member of the opposite sex, serious or just messing around? Are girls...
What do you look for in guys? (gay/bi teen guys only) 2013-09-23
Seeing what gay teens prefer in another guy
For guys - sports, post-piss drips, bullying and other 2014-11-04
All males can fill this, but it you are over 30, please remember the time when you were between 1...
Tickling Thoughts 2015-07-10
A short poll not about tickle me, you, or fantasies, but about what you think about it in general...
Random Demographics 2016-01-11
Just to see who uses this site.
Bare feet in a photo shoot 2016-03-08
Hey everyone, I agreed with a friend of mine to do a photo shoot. In the beginning we agreed tha...
Tall woman (6'3) vs short guy (5'5) - who wins ? 2017-02-01
Ok, here's another tall vs short poll. The girl in this picture is 6'3 (1,90m), in heels she is ...