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People / Relationships


How do you blow your nose? 2009-08-08
basic nose blowing habits
is "in a room full of ppl...ure always the first one i luk for..." unique?dumb? 2009-08-08
my fren (name u know who)here is messin wit me!! she thinks this quote is super unique and not ch...
Which Female Body? 2009-08-08
Which Female Body?
Which Female Body Type? 2009-08-11
Which female body would you prefer?
Question for Tall Men 2009-08-11
Question for Tall Men
A Poll for Married Men and Women 2009-08-23
Just a few questions about life after marriage.
Talking About Americans 2009-08-25
To find out opinions about the American public.
Ladies: Finding the Perfect Partner 2009-08-31
Ladies: What are you willing to do to get that perfect man?
Best Social networking 2009-08-31
What is the best social networking sites.
Boys.. HOW MUCH MAKEUP? TANGY OR NOT! 2009-09-02
Boys.. how much makeup do u like on a girl?? x
Race & Ethnicity 2009-09-02
What is your heritage?
A Poll For Kids on "Reading" 2009-09-15
To find out what kids think about reading and who their favorites are. For kids in the PUBLIC/PRI...
What do you look for in a guy? (For girls only) 2009-09-23
When you meet a man, you feel attracted to him and would like to start a relationship, what is th...
What is your gender? 2009-09-26
What is your gender?
Would You Date This Guy. 14 years old. 2009-09-29
Would You Date This Guy. 14 years old.
awesomeo poll 2009-10-23
awesomeo poll
Marriage and Winning the Lottery 2009-11-14
Marriage and Winning the Lottery
Ideal Woman (Men Only) 2009-11-15
What is your image of the ideal woman?
Facial Attraction 2009-12-04
What parts of the face do we care about most, and what parts dont we mind?
Should men wear round school uniform style collars? 2009-12-11
Should men wear round school uniform style collars?
Average length of relationship? 2009-12-12
Average length of relationship?
who would u like to get wedgies from 2009-12-12
who would u like to get wedgies from
For women who have a lot of pent up anger 2009-12-12
For WOMEN ONLY! Ladies, you have the opportunity to take your toward your husband, boyfriend, or...
To shave or not to shave- advice sought on facial hair 2009-12-21
Seems more guys than ever are sporting either a permanent facial stubble or beards. Is no-shavin...
Rating Profiles 2010-01-19
When searching for someone, on those profile systems like facebook or hi5.. what would you like t...