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People / Relationships


Freeballing (Male Teens) 2014-01-27
This poll is for males 13-17
Transgendered Males And their Governesses 2014-02-02
You've seen it on TV, and on the net! Large numbers of young males are turning transgender, and ...
Seeing my cousin naked 2016-06-09
My cousin slept at my house and we tryed to get to sleep but it was to hot so he said we are both...
Ever been tied up (females only) 2016-08-31
Ladies, have you ever been tied up by someone while playing around?
Bear, or Twink? Muscles or Thin? 2000-06-27
What kind of guy turns you on?
Complete Poll About Friendship 2001-10-07
This poll is all about friendship
What was the youngest person you ever kissed? 2003-07-24
I am wondering how young the youngest person you have french kissed is. just curious.EXCLUDING pa...
Society:Are Women Taking Over? 2003-08-13
Are women taking over? As women continue to advance, are we headed for a female dominated society?
FEMALES ONLY!I Which sex would you want your baby to be? 2004-02-11
If you were to have a baby, what sex would you rather it was?
the superior sex 2009-07-10
well buddies here a age long epic battle n lets take a look as to who actually is the superir sex
Teens sexuality 2011-03-16
(Teen Guys Only)
Belly Stuffing (Girls Only) 2012-03-19
OK, I'm not gonna lie. I am a girl, and I LOVE stuffing my belly with food so it gets big and rou...
Clothes parents won't let you wear? - high heels, pantyhose, funky socks? 2012-05-30
Clothes parents won't let you wear? - high heels, pantyhose, funky socks?
Your opinion on guys overall package (honest girls please) 2014-11-04
I have a nice overall package that I'm quite proud of! I have bigger than average balls and an a...
Teen culture 2014-11-04
This is for my high school assignment. Please be honest.
Boy first underwear 2015-02-09
I am in the late stages of potty training with my son and was wondering what the best type of &qu...
Clothing Rules - punishments / forfeits 2017-05-01
Hi, Lou's fiance here ... thanks to everyone for their suggestions of what her clothing rules sho...
Tickle Talk 2017-05-04
I'm a woman who loves being tickled and really loves being verbally teased while being tickled. A...
Guys, who to bring to your physical exams. 2017-08-03
Physical exams can be intimidating and it might be nice to have someone with you. Who would you ...
Tall girl vs short guy #6 (with pics) 2018-04-26
Welcome to the 6th of the tall vs short polls with pics! This time its 6'2 model Tiiu vs. 5'5 Da...
Men---do you like Hairy Women? 2003-12-08
Men, a poll to find out how much hair you like on a woman.
Women Rule Men? 2004-03-30
There has been much discussion recently about how the 21st century is going to be the Women's Cen...
Women, are you stronger than your husband or boyfriend? 2006-02-24
I wondered how often are women stronger than their men and how both people feel about this.
if your a boy take this poll if your a girl skip the the messeges .
Tall Girls 2010-02-09
Guys only please!