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People / Relationships


Tall Girls 2010-02-09
Guys only please!
Sagging 2010-03-09
Girls vs. Boys 2010-12-02
Ever get in a fight with a member of the opposite sex, serious or just messing around? Are girls...
Men Only - Do You Prefer Boobs Or Ass 2011-05-17
Self explanatory
Belly Stuffing (Girls Only) 2012-03-19
OK, I'm not gonna lie. I am a girl, and I LOVE stuffing my belly with food so it gets big and rou...
Tickled during robbery (females only 2013-11-12
I have been tickled during plenty of robberies I want to see who else has
Your opinion on guys overall package (honest girls please) 2014-11-04
I have a nice overall package that I'm quite proud of! I have bigger than average balls and an a...
Teen culture 2014-11-04
This is for my high school assignment. Please be honest.
Have you or would you ever share your boyfriend/husband with a friend? 2015-04-06
I'm curious about a scenario involving women sharing their boyfriend/husband with a 'close' frien...
Wanna tickle me, girls? 2015-04-06
Would you tickle a 16 year old, black hair, olive skin, 5'9" male? Obviously, I'd love to ge...
Ever been tied up (females only) 2016-08-31
Ladies, have you ever been tied up by someone while playing around?
Do you think women who are working are underpaid compared to men? 2016-10-13
Do you think women who are working are underpaid compared to men?
Babysitting!! 2016-11-29
Tha Perfect Girl 2003-09-03
Hey Ya'll This is my lil poll to see wat you consider the perfect girl. If you're a straight guy ...
Teenage girls only; Humiliation 2006-09-25
What do you feel would be the most humiliating thing that could happen to you
The Baby-Sitters Poll 2007-03-12
Do you baby-sit?
Childrens swimwear 2007-04-18
Interested in getting your views on the different types of childrens swimwear and how appropiate ...
Repression of male teen by mother/female authority figure 2011-02-05
I wonder how widespread the repression of teen males by authoritarian minded females who are in a...
Freeballing (Male Teens) 2014-01-27
This poll is for males 13-17
Boy first underwear 2015-02-09
I am in the late stages of potty training with my son and was wondering what the best type of &qu...
Men---do you like Hairy Women? 2003-12-08
Men, a poll to find out how much hair you like on a woman.
Circumcision 2006-06-16
Yeah or Nah?
Your rules about your daughter's bras - for moms 2006-08-10
Some moms worry about their daughter's bras. Some are strict. What about you?
the weaker sex? 2008-05-03
Will strength comparisons between male and females show that women are the weaker sex?
the superior sex 2009-07-10
well buddies here a age long epic battle n lets take a look as to who actually is the superir sex