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People / Relationships


Girls shoulder riding boys 2014-08-18
Girls who like to ride on boys' shoulders
Foot Shyness Problem 2014-09-19 (closed)
I've always had a foot shyness problem for as long as I could remember. I'm not exactly sure how ...
88408 2014-11-04
This is for my psychology project.
A new way to prank your brother 2015-01-06
you ever use this prank on a brother
If you could change one thing about your past what would it be? 2015-01-13
If you could change one thing about your past what would it be?
Notification of Mothers critical Illness 2015-01-25
The question deals with proper method of notifying a family member about a life and death issue o...
A clean shave 2015-02-09
Many men believe that it is important to get a VERY close shave. The goal of this poll is to det...
Smartphones???!!! 2015-02-20 (closed)
Well... Currently I using a normal phone without a touch-screen. A phone with a camera and MP3 an...
Could a female nerd please tell me how you would react to this part of my novel? 2015-03-02
Alice was 20 years old & a lovable 5'1 straight A geek, the only virgin of her friends & ...
Can a female give her thoughts for my character who gets NAKED revenge? 2015-03-02
Jason and Sarah were both college freshmen and best friends, despite their HUGE differences. Jaso...
Girls:Do you call what you eat in your panties discharge, or vaginal discharge? 2015-05-04
Girls: Do you call what you eat in your panties either discharge? or vaginal discharge?
do you think slenders fake? 2015-05-19
say yes or no
What would you do to me/with me? 2015-11-18
As you know if you did my other Pools, im in a wheelchair and cant stand or walk. Im verry little...
Is International Adoption cheaper than w/in U.S? 2015-11-20
An adoption in the U.S. can cost as much as $40,000 if you go through a private agency or an aver...
Creation story poll 2016-04-23 (closed)
Creation story poll
Market.biz 2017-12-26
At Market.biz, we are dedicated to helping our clients gain the understanding and knowledge they ...
Girls - have you ever enjoyed watching two men fight? 2018-10-18 (closed)
This is a Poll for girls (only) to see if they have recently watched a fight between two boys, an...