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People / Relationships


Reading Age 2012-09-17
I am interested in learning what the average person's memory span is and when they learned to read.
Anyone can vote 2012-10-26
This is a poll that I have to do for a project
Choose a Sexy Celebrity 2012-10-26
only for gays/ bisexuals
Is Ashleigh Nice? 2012-10-29
Is Ashleigh Nice?
Should Women Be Able To Propose to the Man? 2012-10-29
Should Women Be Able To Propose to the Man?
What height is too tall for a man? 2013-01-02
What height is too tall for a man?
are you racist? 2013-01-03
this pole should be able to tell you if you are racist and if so, how racist you are.
General Personal Details 2013-01-07
General Personal Details
Did you BARF in 2012? 2013-01-07
Did you BARF in 2012?
Is a $500 purse out of line? 2013-01-09
Would you ever buy yourself a $500 purse or let your wife buy a $500 purse on a average income?
What type of girls are your favourite? [BOYS ONLY] 2013-01-25
I know there are like a bazillion of polls dealing with this issue, but I wanted to make my own o...
All About You 2013-03-11
I Want to Know More About You :)
Kids or Partner ?? 2013-04-04
Women, what makes your life more meaningful and complete ?? Having kids or having a male partner ??
My wife want sex with a woman 2013-04-08
I've been with my wife for 20 years and our marriage is great. For as long as I can remember she ...
caesarean section 2013-04-08
should women have the right to choose a caesarean section or should they only be performed in eme...
Statistics Survey 2013-04-15
Statistics Survey
Adoption 2013-04-22
Brown skinned black people 2013-05-13
This poll is for brown skinned blacks and for what they think is attractive. This is a poll for p...
Fooling Around 2013-05-20
Fooling Around
can a toddlers and tiaras a lot of little big girls beat us up or pin us? 2013-05-28
Toddlers and Tiaras girls beating up us boys
What is the best nickname for Johannah? 2013-06-27
What is the best nickname for Johannah?
What are you attracted to in guys? (girls) 2013-07-15
For girls,to see what straight girls are attracted to in a man
Corner time question? 2013-08-01
Corner time question?
Fire work party? 2013-08-01
We as country club residents would like to have a firework party at the the country club apartmen...
Women Like... 2014-01-20
Women Like...