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People / Relationships


What should we do? 2008-02-21
My boyfriend and I have been dating for about a year now. When we first got together, about a w...
How proud are you of your Irish heritage? 2008-02-21
I made this poll because I don't think that a lot of people these days have too much a sense of p...
Would you date me? 2008-02-26
Would you date me?
Do you Have a Boyfriend? 2008-03-01
at what age did you have your first boyfriend?
Are All Ethiopians (and other Horn of Africans) Black? 2008-03-06
Comparing perceptions of different peoples
what do you think of this friendship? 2008-03-08
I'll tell you of a failed cyber friendship and you tell me what you think of it
Southeast Asian 2008-03-13
Do not break down race too much, just to the extent so that the White race remains a single race ...
Japanese Race 2008-03-13
Don't be too vague or too specific. Just be the same specific as saying that "all whites bel...
High School Dating 2008-03-14
I am a ninth grader and i have never kissed a girl and I like 2 girls in my school, ive never dat...
Competition among women (women participants only please) 2008-03-16
How competitive are women really? How competitive are you as a woman when it comes to work, men,...
My name is Alexandra and I am a guy. Should I change it or not? 2008-03-19
My "bohemian" mom gave me the "female" spelling of my name because she insist...
What do Girls Like in Guys? 2008-03-30
This is a deeper poll to see what girls really want in a guy. Teen Girls Only (16-18 recommended)
Missing my Partner 2008-03-30
kay well... my gf is grounded and I miss her, and I wanna know how other people feel when they ca...
how happy are you? 2008-04-09
a study of happiness, how people value different things, and how happiness relates to age and geo...
Tyler 2008-04-09
Teenage Guys please take it, thanks :)
Facebook Poll 2008-04-14
Facebook Poll
Common Areas of Struggle for Women 2008-04-21
Common Areas of Struggle for Women
Blackninja133 Poll#82: Date poll 1: For gay guys and girls 2008-04-22
Welcome to another seris of blackninja133 polls. This seris, the "date Polls" was an id...
Blackninja133 Poll#84: Date Poll 3: Would you date this guy? 2008-04-23
When clicking on a hyperlink, be sure to HOLD SHIFT while you do, otherwise, bad things will happ...
Blackninja133 Poll#85: Date Poll 4: So hot It'd make you drool. 2008-04-23
This time only pictures, not videos. Have fun here.
would you date me? (guys) 2008-04-23
would you date me? (guys)
Whats more important (for girls) 2008-05-12
Whats more important (for girls)
Content-Free Friday #212: Who, me? 2008-05-12
Posted at <a href="http://www.touchytranny.com/2008/05/cff212-who-me.html">Touchy...
Do you belive foreign workers are treated poorly in Qatar/ middle east? 2008-05-12
I am doing a poll for my history term paper and basicly I want to know what you think about how f...