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People / Relationships


What Makes you HOTT 2007-10-04
This includes YOUR flirting techniques and how YOU steal YOUR man/ woman
about you 2007-10-09
i want to know about you
GIRLS ONLY PLZ guys with braces 2007-10-23
do u like guys with braces
Question for guys 2007-10-29
Guys how would this make you feel?
What does the note say? 2007-10-30
Pretty girl sends note to young man across campus using a robot.
Dream Survey 2007-11-08
This is a survey regarding your experiences with dreams.
"Friend" (scum) owes me money. 2007-11-08
About a year ago, I decided to sell a couple of my cars (I had four at the time). A friend of mi...
Ear Pierced (Preferd Girls answers thx) 2007-11-27
Hello, I am 16 i have a tattoo on righ right bicep. I would like your inpuyt on ear peircing. I w...
Brains or Beauty? 2007-12-06
Which is more important; brains or beauty?
*~_Type of girl you like_~* (for guys) 2007-12-06
These are a few questions based on the type of girl you might like. Let's say all girls are in hi...
HELP! My friend is being mean! 2007-12-06
I need your help! what should i do!?!
Baby Girl Names 2007-12-06
I'd like your help in finding which names mesh well together.
For the girls - Guys and their Size (body, that is!) 2007-12-07
What body types are you attracted to?
Why Are East Asian Guys So Damn Sexy? 2007-12-13
Why Are East Asian Guys So Damn Sexy?
How different is Too different? 2007-12-18
To find out how different physically someone would have to be before people wouldnt date them
guys 14 or 15 only! 2007-12-29
what do you think of me?
What do girls look for in guys? 2007-12-30
What do girls look for in guys?
Who are the worst people on earth? 2008-01-05
Who are the worst people on earth?
Size Zero? 2008-01-05
Do you find size zero models attractive?
How often you see your significant other 2008-01-05
just one question...
Womens beauty 2008-01-10
A poll for guys on how you prefer women.
Daydreaming of love 2008-01-22
Just a short one to get comments on whether people think certain aspects are morally correct/inco...
Are you happy? 2008-01-25
Do you know why you are happy or unhappy? This poll asks many questions about happiness. The aim ...
Labels and Prejudice 2008-01-31
Labels and Prejudice
Are you nice? (Poll by blackninja133) 2008-02-12
Are you nice? (Poll by blackninja133)