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People / Relationships


Your Views on ADHD 2007-05-10
What's your opinion?
Who is hotter (GIRLS ONLY) 2007-05-10
what sport do you think puts out the hottest guys?
Boobsketball 2007-05-21
Do guys play boobie basketball with you
~*Friends over Relationships?*~ 2007-06-06
How much influence do your friends have on who you date?
What would you like to do with him? 2007-06-18
Every girl has a dream date planned out in their head with a guy-what is in yours?
Mental Illness and Jesus 2007-06-18
Attempt to find out how many people think they have had a 2 way conversation with Jesus Christ
Tease, Turn on and... 2007-07-20
Ladies how do you tease, turn on and arouse men ?
Brand Image 2007-07-22
I am currently doing my Thesis in Brand Risk management in hotel industry. would like to take a p...
what you look for in a boyfriend 2007-07-22
i am wondering what girls look for when looking for a boy friend
Basic Human Behaviour 2007-07-23
!!! EGO !!!! Lets see how much you have in you
Which girlguy is your type? 2007-07-24
This poll will tell you what guygirl is your type.
how is your face 2007-07-28
i am trying to find out what peoples face looks like.
Just for the Black Men 2007-08-06
who are the true queens of a Black man's heart Black, White or Mixed women (This poll was inspir...
Finding Your Soul Mate 2007-08-08
Ladies: How far are you willing to go to get that perfect man for yourself?
Friends 2007-08-14
Just a couple of questions in research
which hair color is most attractive (for GUYS) 2007-08-14
what hair color do you think is the most attractive on a girl?
HAPPINESS!!!!!!!!!! 2007-08-14
since we only know how happy WE are, nobody really knows how happy mankind is in general. i thin...
Why women with degrees get divorced? 2007-08-20
US government statistics indicate women file for divorce in 70 percent of marriages when neither ...
how come boys go for the really hot girls 2007-08-30
why do the boys always go for the really hot and sexy girls and not even look around at the ones ...
what do you like in a guy? 2007-08-30
i'm a guy and i know half of the ppl aren't gonna read this but oh well...i'm a guy and i have ne...
~*~*BlAcK GuYs OnLy!!*~*~ 2007-09-02
would u like her??
what would you do? 2007-09-04
for girls or guys, just wondering and hopefully you will help me!
your guy 2007-09-10
where to gargle saltwater? bathroom or kitchen sink? 2007-09-20
peoples opinion on where to gargle warm salt water when you have a soar throat. Kitchen sink, whe...