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People / Relationships


Questions for Guys 2007-02-14
What are u attracted to
The Top 10 Signs You are Gay 2007-02-21
It's self-explanatory
One Night Stands 2007-02-21
This poll is wanting to know how many people go out looking for one night stands according to gen...
What do you like best on girls? [For Boys Only] 2007-02-26
just answer the questions as asked. thank you =]
Dating 2007-02-28
this is different opinions on dating
For men with dark hair only! 2007-03-06
If you're not a man with dark hair, please leave this poll.
breast cancer survey 2007-03-13
i conducted this survey for our term paper to be pass next week. please do cooperate and help me ...
Marriage and engagement length and age (hetero-sexual) 2007-03-17
I'm trying to get a general idea on what peoples opinions are about engagement and marriage, in t...
i want a girl 2007-03-25
ok so there is this really hot girl in school. She is freshmen and i am a sophmore. I need 2 kno...
Family:Necessary or Unnecessary? 2007-03-25
This is in order to find out about social opinions on the institution of the family in an ever ch...
Names 2007-03-25
what name is better?
Questions for Guys and Gals 2007-04-03
I'm 17 (male) and I was just wondering about some stuff.
Competing with a romantic rival 2007-04-13
Competing with a romantic rival
For teens only. 2007-04-17
I am just wondering how old other teens parents are because im 13 and my mom is 51. Sounds stran...
What makes a Good Man!! 2007-04-18
What makes a Good well-rounded man?
For Guys 2007-04-18
Old chrushes.
For blonde & dark haired guys only! 2007-04-19
Which do you prefer?
The perfect guy 2007-04-24
What do you think the perfect guy would be?
Guys on Girls 2007-04-24
do you like her likes this, or that better?
is your name.... 2007-04-29
i want to plug in girls names to see if my freinds take this poll!
GUYS ONLY!!! EXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE GIRLS, approach her? 2007-04-29
what happens when you see a very attractive girl?
Asking a stranger for a light... 2007-05-01
When you ask a stranger for a light, do you tend to select an attractive person? And do you expec...
Psychic Experiences 2007-05-02
Examining the experiences that go along with having psychic powers.
Married Men & Women 2007-05-08
Ideal Lover
Hair colour 2007-05-10
What hair colour do you have?