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People / Relationships


Transgendered Males And their Governesses 2014-02-02
You've seen it on TV, and on the net! Large numbers of young males are turning transgender, and ...
Punish me 2014-04-28
I'm a male salve and have disobeyed my mistress few times and last one was I cummed without permi...
Tickling Thoughts 2015-07-10
A short poll not about tickle me, you, or fantasies, but about what you think about it in general...
watching guys fight (girls only please) 2004-09-29
This poll was made to see what women think about when they watch two guys fight.
Best Friends Farting Together (Guys Only 10-up) 2004-12-09
Farting questions.Male-male friendships only.
What's the future for marriage? 2005-02-08
Current trends indicate that in 50 years time the traditional roles for men and women in marriage...
Tanning in Public (Girls) 2007-12-06
How comfortable are you with how you tan in public?
Traits & Characteristics of the Perfect Girl 2008-04-09
Hi guys, this poll is to get an idea of what characteristics and physical features guys want in g...
ever been seen nacked by another boy 2008-11-09
A couple of days ago I walked in on my male friend changing. I saw him completely nude. Has this...
Ladies going topless at the beach. 2011-09-10
In many parts of the world, ladies go topless at the beach. This poll is to see what women think...
Do you like tying boys up? (females only) 2013-09-09
a poll for dominant girls who like to tie boys and do things to them!.
Random Demographics 2016-01-11
Just to see who uses this site.
Clothing Rules - punishments / forfeits 2017-05-01
Hi, Lou's fiance here ... thanks to everyone for their suggestions of what her clothing rules sho...
Tickle Talk 2017-05-04
I'm a woman who loves being tickled and really loves being verbally teased while being tickled. A...
Barefoot house rules in 2017 2017-07-05
Do you have to go barefoot at home?
Guys, who to bring to your physical exams. 2017-08-03
Physical exams can be intimidating and it might be nice to have someone with you. Who would you ...
Bear, or Twink? Muscles or Thin? 2000-06-27
What kind of guy turns you on?
Uncomfortable Situations (swiming and road trip) 2002-06-03
If you were in these situations what would you do?? Please comment on Message Board responsibly
Society:Are Women Taking Over? 2003-08-13
Are women taking over? As women continue to advance, are we headed for a female dominated society?
Who Wears The Pants-Men Or Women? 2003-08-19
In the past, the man was traditionally considered to be the head of the family. But today's women...
Women Rule Men? 2004-03-30
There has been much discussion recently about how the 21st century is going to be the Women's Cen...
early bedtime for punishment - for parents 2005-05-03
A friend of mine is the mom of a 13-year old girl. Some months ago the girl took to a really bad...
What does a hot girl look like?(only guys 13-16 please) 2006-05-26
If you had to pick the hottest girl in the world what would she look like?
How bisexual are you? 2007-04-25
This is a poll to see how many people have bisexual feelings.
The nudist life? 2007-07-22
Are you a nudist or wondered about social nudity? Please take this poll and then visit howto.netm...