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People / Relationships


Your Childhood Survey 2012-08-09
I want to see how many people had a good, bad ,ok childhood.
The truth about Boob Size (Men's Perspective) 2013-10-04
Lets see whats going on.
Ticklish situations (females only) 2013-11-12
I have been tickled a whole lot and I want to no other peoples situations of tickle
Corner Punishment 2015-11-22
We're you ever punished like this growing up?
dominating black girls 2016-11-23
dominating black girls
If you found me lying down with my shirt unbuttoned 2017-04-03
I just Home home from work/gym and it was an exhausting day so I come home dressed in jeans and a...
Tickling on a slumber-party 2003-04-17
Whenever me and my friends had slumber-parties and sleepovers we ended up in tickle-wars... What...
Who Wears The Pants-Men Or Women? 2003-08-19
In the past, the man was traditionally considered to be the head of the family. But today's women...
watching guys fight (girls only please) 2004-09-29
This poll was made to see what women think about when they watch two guys fight.
Shoes, socks or barefoot at home? 2013-05-20
What sort of rules do you have regarding footwear in your home? Do you seriously enforce these r...
Should I be spanked? (female 44) 2013-07-02
I have messed up at work and cost the company a lot of money. My boss doesn't know yet but I know...
Do you like tying boys up? (females only) 2013-09-09
a poll for dominant girls who like to tie boys and do things to them!.
quick and easy penis size poll for the ladies 2015-06-01
My boyfriend is the biggest I've ever been with I'm curious how he measures up with the biggest o...
For Men and Women: What is sexy in a woman? 2004-01-14
This poll asks men and women basically the same questions. Please only answer the questions for ...
(GIRLS ONLY POLL) Do Girls Like Watching Girl On Girl Sex? 2005-01-14
Do You Girls Like Watching Girl On Girl Sex? Many women would like to experience or see it.
What's the future for marriage? 2005-02-08
Current trends indicate that in 50 years time the traditional roles for men and women in marriage...
Micro skirts and boyfriends 2005-03-02
This poll is for girls only. What do your boyfriends think about very short skirts?
We men are always hearing from the world of women that WE only seem to care about breasts. RIGHT...
Naughty School Skirts 2007-11-19
My boyfriend just loves it when I wear one of my super, super short little pleated school skirts ...
Naked at home 2008-01-22
What do you wear around your home and would you change if the living arrangements
ever been seen nacked by another boy 2008-11-09
A couple of days ago I walked in on my male friend changing. I saw him completely nude. Has this...
Parents and rules 2010-03-26
My parents are strict, I suppose. They believe in God, and that affects everything they do. I hav...
A Poll for Females About Males 2012-02-09
This poll is totally for females who wish express about their viewpoint about males. only females...
Appropriate Sleeping Habits for Submissive Women 2012-03-14
i love the idea of a Man controlling what time i go to sleep and where i sleep. What do You think...
hubsand keeps wetting the bed 2013-06-03
My husband is wetting the bed and need ideas of what i should do to him.