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People / Relationships


Hand Over Mouth...Mmmph!! 2003-08-10
Im sure at one time in your life youve had your mouth covered by another person for whatever reas...
Do/Have you cheated on your husband? 2008-10-30
Simple. Are you cheating? Have you cheated? Do you want to cheat? Would you cheat? Will you cheat?
Physical Examination for Kids: Quality and Value for Money2 2009-09-05
This is a sequel to the original poll “Physical Examination for Kids: Quality and Value for Mon...
Husbands and unfaithful wives 2009-11-04
How many husbands have found out that their wife has been unfaithful and how did they find out ab...
Girlfriend Wrestling 2012-04-02
What happends when u guys wrestle your girlfriends or wives. I always win but do you guy get wrec...
Your Childhood Survey 2012-08-09
I want to see how many people had a good, bad ,ok childhood.
Better Little Sister 2012-11-07
My little sister is better than me at literally everything, does anyone else have this problem?
Mothers who oversee their sons' or daughters' marriages. 2015-06-01
This is a poll for mothers only, who have married sons or daughters that they take authority in s...
Corner Punishment 2015-11-22
We're you ever punished like this growing up?
If you found me lying down with my shirt unbuttoned 2017-04-03
I just Home home from work/gym and it was an exhausting day so I come home dressed in jeans and a...
Tickling on a slumber-party 2003-04-17
Whenever me and my friends had slumber-parties and sleepovers we ended up in tickle-wars... What...
The Perfect Wife/Girlfriend(boys only please) 2003-08-19
The Perfect Wife or Girlfriend
(10-18 yrs old) how your parents punish you? 2005-11-09
i am trying to find out how the majority of parents punish their children.
Are People Born Gay? (Poll for Straights and Gays) 2006-02-28
I'm a bit confused on whether people are born gay or whether they just decide to be gay or whatev...
Teenage girls only; Humiliation 2006-09-25
What do you feel would be the most humiliating thing that could happen to you
The Baby-Sitters Poll 2007-03-12
Do you baby-sit?
How bisexual are you? 2007-04-25
This is a poll to see how many people have bisexual feelings.
brothers sharing baths BOYS ONLY 2009-12-20
from the time i was 1 and my brother was 3 until we were 10 and 12 we would always take baths tog...
Repression of male teen by mother/female authority figure 2011-02-05
I wonder how widespread the repression of teen males by authoritarian minded females who are in a...
Ladies going topless at the beach. 2011-09-10
In many parts of the world, ladies go topless at the beach. This poll is to see what women think...
The truth about Boob Size (Men's Perspective) 2013-10-04
Lets see whats going on.
Ticklish situations (females only) 2013-11-12
I have been tickled a whole lot and I want to no other peoples situations of tickle
quick and easy penis size poll for the ladies 2015-06-01
My boyfriend is the biggest I've ever been with I'm curious how he measures up with the biggest o...
Seeing my cousin naked 2016-06-09
My cousin slept at my house and we tryed to get to sleep but it was to hot so he said we are both...
Bear, or Twink? Muscles or Thin? 2000-06-27
What kind of guy turns you on?