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Should a father dress and bathe an eight year old daughter ...? 2008-10-23
Should a father dress and bathe an eight year old daughter ...?
Better Little Sister 2012-11-07
My little sister is better than me at literally everything, does anyone else have this problem?
quick and easy penis size poll for the ladies 2015-06-01
My boyfriend is the biggest I've ever been with I'm curious how he measures up with the biggest o...
Complete Poll About Friendship 2001-10-07
This poll is all about friendship
Tickling on a slumber-party 2003-04-17
Whenever me and my friends had slumber-parties and sleepovers we ended up in tickle-wars... What...
The Perfect Wife/Girlfriend(boys only please) 2003-08-19
The Perfect Wife or Girlfriend
Did you ever smoke with your Dad? (boys/men only) 2005-05-21
This is a poll for guys about smoking with their dads when they were boys or teens. Males of all...
We men are always hearing from the world of women that WE only seem to care about breasts. RIGHT...
Physical Examination for Kids: Quality and Value for Money2 2009-09-05
This is a sequel to the original poll “Physical Examination for Kids: Quality and Value for Mon...
Party Attire 2009-09-26
What would you wear to these parties? Most of the people going are people you know.
Appropriate Sleeping Habits for Submissive Women 2012-03-14
i love the idea of a Man controlling what time i go to sleep and where i sleep. What do You think...
sleeping arrangements for married couples only 2013-08-01
most couple sleep nude together when they are first married. later as the romance calms down thin...
Ticklish situations (females only) 2013-11-12
I have been tickled a whole lot and I want to no other peoples situations of tickle
Seeing my cousin naked 2016-06-09
My cousin slept at my house and we tryed to get to sleep but it was to hot so he said we are both...
If you found me lying down with my shirt unbuttoned 2017-04-03
I just Home home from work/gym and it was an exhausting day so I come home dressed in jeans and a...
Female Muscle 2003-08-06
This is poll of men's and women's perception and reaction to muscular female bodybuilders
Are People Born Gay? (Poll for Straights and Gays) 2006-02-28
I'm a bit confused on whether people are born gay or whether they just decide to be gay or whatev...
Did you make your skirts shorter for boyfriend or husband? 2008-01-30
Nearly all men like their girlfriends or husbands to wear really short skirts. Sometimes you woul...
Do/Have you cheated on your husband? 2008-10-30
Simple. Are you cheating? Have you cheated? Do you want to cheat? Would you cheat? Will you cheat?
Husbands and unfaithful wives 2009-11-04
How many husbands have found out that their wife has been unfaithful and how did they find out ab...
brothers sharing baths BOYS ONLY 2009-12-20
from the time i was 1 and my brother was 3 until we were 10 and 12 we would always take baths tog...
Should I be spanked? (female 44) 2013-07-02
I have messed up at work and cost the company a lot of money. My boss doesn't know yet but I know...
The truth about Boob Size (Men's Perspective) 2013-10-04
Lets see whats going on.
Transgendered Males And their Governesses 2014-02-02
You've seen it on TV, and on the net! Large numbers of young males are turning transgender, and ...
Punish me 2014-04-28
I'm a male salve and have disobeyed my mistress few times and last one was I cummed without permi...