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People / Relationships


the weaker sex? 2008-05-03
Will strength comparisons between male and females show that women are the weaker sex?
Random Poll for Men 2009-10-17
A random collection of male oriented questions ranging from Cola preference to sex. Men only please.
GUYS ONLY SURVEY. 2011-05-28
This survey is strictly for guys.
Ladies going topless at the beach. 2011-09-10
In many parts of the world, ladies go topless at the beach. This poll is to see what women think...
A Poll for Females About Males 2012-02-09
This poll is totally for females who wish express about their viewpoint about males. only females...
Girlfriend Wrestling 2012-04-02
What happends when u guys wrestle your girlfriends or wives. I always win but do you guy get wrec...
Calling Boyfriend "Sir" 2015-08-17
Calling Boyfriend "Sir"
What effect did childhood spanking have on you? 2015-11-22
What effect did childhood spanking have on you?
bedwetter at summer camp 2017-07-19
I am 17 years old I will soon in summer camp, I would have liked to know how it happens as a bedw...
Are People Born Gay? (Poll for Straights and Gays) 2006-02-28
I'm a bit confused on whether people are born gay or whether they just decide to be gay or whatev...
How bisexual are you? 2007-04-25
This is a poll to see how many people have bisexual feelings.
Naked at home 2008-01-22
What do you wear around your home and would you change if the living arrangements
Repression of male teen by mother/female authority figure 2011-02-05
I wonder how widespread the repression of teen males by authoritarian minded females who are in a...
Shoes, socks or barefoot at home? 2013-05-20
What sort of rules do you have regarding footwear in your home? Do you seriously enforce these r...
will date a guy that wears diapers girls only 2014-04-07
I want to know If girls will date guys that wear diapers
Shoes and socks off 2015-07-10
This Poll is to gather data on different encounters with removing shoes and socks
Armwrestling: Women vs. 15 years old boy 2003-06-30
This a question only to women older than 17: If you lose an armwrestling match with a 15 years ol...
Hand Over Mouth...Mmmph!! 2003-08-10
Im sure at one time in your life youve had your mouth covered by another person for whatever reas...
Who Wears The Pants-Men Or Women? 2003-08-19
In the past, the man was traditionally considered to be the head of the family. But today's women...
Best Friends Farting Together (Guys Only 10-up) 2004-12-09
Farting questions.Male-male friendships only.
(10-18 yrs old) how your parents punish you? 2005-11-09
i am trying to find out how the majority of parents punish their children.
Should a father dress and bathe an eight year old daughter ...? 2008-10-23
Should a father dress and bathe an eight year old daughter ...?
Husbands and unfaithful wives 2009-11-04
How many husbands have found out that their wife has been unfaithful and how did they find out ab...
Your Childhood Survey 2012-08-09
I want to see how many people had a good, bad ,ok childhood.
Punish me 2014-04-28
I'm a male salve and have disobeyed my mistress few times and last one was I cummed without permi...