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People / Relationships


Must you and/or your spouse submit or obey 2005-06-29
Is your relationship 50%-50% in the power or decision making department? Rather, do you submit to...
Boys Only Poll. Create you Dream Girl 2008-08-19
What is your dream girl look like? Answer the questions below.
Tickled Under Your Arms (Girls Only) 2008-11-07
Way too many feet polls here. No one usually talks about being tickled in the armpits which I th...
sleeping arrangements for married couples only 2013-08-01
most couple sleep nude together when they are first married. later as the romance calms down thin...
Black & White (for White Girls ONLY) 2003-06-29
A poll for white girls to explain their attraction to the black race
The Perfect Wife/Girlfriend(boys only please) 2003-08-19
The Perfect Wife or Girlfriend
The nudist life? 2007-07-22
Are you a nudist or wondered about social nudity? Please take this poll and then visit howto.netm...
Summer Bikini 2008-10-29
It's coming into summer here (Australia) and I'm wondering what everyone will be wearing in the s...
My Brother Lost a Bet with Me 2012-11-26
My brother lost a bet with me betting his grades would be better than mine 1st MP. Since he lost,...
Should you get fat? 2015-08-13
GIRLS ONLY (btw this isn't the original. The original is at http://www.gotoquiz.com/should_you_g...
Strict Parents 2005-03-22
How strict are your parents? Do they totally control your life, or are they really cool? Answer m...
The Baby-Sitters Poll 2007-03-12
Do you baby-sit?
How many people have an 8-Pack of abs? (for those guys who do have 8 packs) 2009-11-04
How many people have an 8-Pack of abs? (for those guys who do have 8 packs)
Girlfriend Wrestling 2012-04-02
What happends when u guys wrestle your girlfriends or wives. I always win but do you guy get wrec...
Men, pedicures, and painted nails 2003-09-18
Im male, and the other day I went to have a pedicure and found that the woman who gave me my pedi...
men with girly hair 2004-05-27
What do you think of guys with long and styled hair like womens
How Women Check Out Men (A poll for FEMALES ONLY!) 2005-01-31
We all know that men check out women a lot in public, but what about women checking out men? If ...
Gay Sex (4 Straight Guys) 2006-02-28
What do you actually think of two men having sex even if one of them is yourself?
Teenage girls only; Humiliation 2006-09-25
What do you feel would be the most humiliating thing that could happen to you
Physical Examination for Kids: Quality and Value for Money2 2009-09-05
This is a sequel to the original poll “Physical Examination for Kids: Quality and Value for Mon...
Sagging 2010-03-09
What does your wife get a spanking for ? 2013-07-15
I am a 28 yr old female who will be marring a wonderful man soon. We believe the man is the hea...
Spanking for Everyone 2014-04-07
Say who spanks you
Tickle torture me! (girls only) 2014-06-02
I want to be tickled so much, that it's tickle torture! If you could, how would you tickle tortur...
Calling Boyfriend "Sir" 2015-08-17
Calling Boyfriend "Sir"