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People / Relationships


Gay Sex (4 Straight Guys) 2006-02-28
What do you actually think of two men having sex even if one of them is yourself?
16-25 year old guys going shirtless in the heat. 2007-06-21
You 16-25 year old guys out there, you have got to love going shirtless in the heat. What is you...
Boys Only Poll. Create you Dream Girl 2008-08-19
What is your dream girl look like? Answer the questions below.
Rating Your First Time Having Sex 2013-01-03
Just a quick poll to find out how the first time you had sex was.
What does your wife get a spanking for ? 2013-07-15
I am a 28 yr old female who will be marring a wonderful man soon. We believe the man is the hea...
Shoes and socks off 2015-07-10
This Poll is to gather data on different encounters with removing shoes and socks
Calling Boyfriend "Sir" 2015-08-17
Calling Boyfriend "Sir"
dominating black girls 2016-11-23
dominating black girls
Undressing 2002-10-03
I get undressed every day, and I almost always undress in the same order. I am curious about how...
Armwrestling: Women vs. 15 years old boy 2003-06-30
This a question only to women older than 17: If you lose an armwrestling match with a 15 years ol...
Hand Over Mouth...Mmmph!! 2003-08-10
Im sure at one time in your life youve had your mouth covered by another person for whatever reas...
*GUYS: girl's appearance* 2004-09-15
How do you like your girl's appearance to be?
Strict Parents 2005-03-22
How strict are your parents? Do they totally control your life, or are they really cool? Answer m...
Did someone put you hand in warm water so you'd wet the bed 2005-04-16
Has someone ever put your hand in warm water causing you to wet the bed at a sleepover?
Your sex life 2005-08-01
A little sex poll about your sex life..Please only honest answers! Thanks
girlfriends (4 boys n girls) 2006-09-25
This poll is about what boys have seen of girls, girls, you can fill it in for what your bf has s...
Sex in College 2010-06-16
Sex in College
Girlfriend Wrestling 2012-04-02
What happends when u guys wrestle your girlfriends or wives. I always win but do you guy get wrec...
Your Childhood Survey 2012-08-09
I want to see how many people had a good, bad ,ok childhood.
TICKLISH GIRLS(ages 14-21) 2013-11-25
Ticklish girls
Mothers who oversee their sons' or daughters' marriages. 2015-06-01
This is a poll for mothers only, who have married sons or daughters that they take authority in s...
Corner Punishment 2015-11-22
We're you ever punished like this growing up?
Dressing for the holidays 2004-11-28
With the holidays coming up, I was wondering how kids expect/are expected to dress for occasions/...
(10-18 yrs old) how your parents punish you? 2005-11-09
i am trying to find out how the majority of parents punish their children.
Impromptu Swimming 2008-09-23
What do you do if you want to go swimming but your attire is not what you would normally wear swi...