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People / Relationships


Oral sex -who would you rather do it with? 2013-09-09
Would you rather have oral sex with a man or a woman? If you had to pick, would you rather go do...
Spanking for Everyone 2014-04-07
Say who spanks you
Punish me 2014-04-28
I'm a male salve and have disobeyed my mistress few times and last one was I cummed without permi...
bedwetter at summer camp 2017-07-19
I am 17 years old I will soon in summer camp, I would have liked to know how it happens as a bedw...
Undressing 2002-10-03
I get undressed every day, and I almost always undress in the same order. I am curious about how...
*GUYS: girl's appearance* 2004-09-15
How do you like your girl's appearance to be?
Did someone put you hand in warm water so you'd wet the bed 2005-04-16
Has someone ever put your hand in warm water causing you to wet the bed at a sleepover?
girlfriends (4 boys n girls) 2006-09-25
This poll is about what boys have seen of girls, girls, you can fill it in for what your bf has s...
16-25 year old guys going shirtless in the heat. 2007-06-21
You 16-25 year old guys out there, you have got to love going shirtless in the heat. What is you...
Tickle Torture 2008-07-08 (closed)
Is tickling torture or not? It leaves no marks on its victims, so should it be used as a form of ...
What does your wife get a spanking for ? 2013-07-15
I am a 28 yr old female who will be marring a wonderful man soon. We believe the man is the hea...
sleeping arrangements for married couples only 2013-08-01
most couple sleep nude together when they are first married. later as the romance calms down thin...
TICKLISH GIRLS(ages 14-21) 2013-11-25
Ticklish girls
Shoes and socks off 2015-07-10
This Poll is to gather data on different encounters with removing shoes and socks
Friendly affection 2016-05-09 (closed)
How much do you enjoy these forms of affection with an opposite sex close friend you trust as pla...
Dressing for the holidays 2004-11-28
With the holidays coming up, I was wondering how kids expect/are expected to dress for occasions/...
Your sex life 2005-08-01
A little sex poll about your sex life..Please only honest answers! Thanks
Gay Sex (4 Straight Guys) 2006-02-28
What do you actually think of two men having sex even if one of them is yourself?
Did you make your skirts shorter for boyfriend or husband? 2008-01-30
Nearly all men like their girlfriends or husbands to wear really short skirts. Sometimes you woul...
Impromptu Swimming 2008-09-23
What do you do if you want to go swimming but your attire is not what you would normally wear swi...
Should a father dress and bathe an eight year old daughter ...? 2008-10-23
Should a father dress and bathe an eight year old daughter ...?
Sex in College 2010-06-16
Sex in College
dominating black girls 2016-11-23
dominating black girls
Armwrestling: Women vs. 15 years old boy 2003-06-30
This a question only to women older than 17: If you lose an armwrestling match with a 15 years ol...
Hand Over Mouth...Mmmph!! 2003-08-10
Im sure at one time in your life youve had your mouth covered by another person for whatever reas...