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People / Relationships


Best age for being attractive 2017-03-13
At what age is the average human most attractive?
How Women Check Out Men (A poll for FEMALES ONLY!) 2005-01-31
We all know that men check out women a lot in public, but what about women checking out men? If ...
Parents - Girls Skirt Lenghts 2007-03-17
I know some parents dont want/like it when there girl wears short skirts others dont care
College Girls Swimsuits/Bikinis (Girls) 2007-12-06
A poll for girls about the trends in swimsuits for girls, as well as the acceptability of certain...
Posing nude for art class 2008-01-20
Recently I read an article about someone who had posed nude for an art class somewhere, and I hav...
Tickled Under Your Arms (Girls Only) 2008-11-07
Way too many feet polls here. No one usually talks about being tickled in the armpits which I th...
Why do girls engage in exhibitionism? 2010-07-08
This is a survey to find out more information on why girls and women engage in exhibitionism. By ...
GUYS ONLY SURVEY. 2011-05-28
This survey is strictly for guys.
Does spanking / smacking work? 2012-05-07
Last year at the age of 13 I asked my mother to spank me after my behaviour started to be come ba...
Rating Your First Time Having Sex 2013-01-03
Just a quick poll to find out how the first time you had sex was.
women who get spanked by thier man 2014-07-29
women who get spanked by thier man
Do you spank you mother? 2015-01-13
There are many teens and some adults who wish they could spank their parents, maybe as payback fo...
Men, pedicures, and painted nails 2003-09-18
Im male, and the other day I went to have a pedicure and found that the woman who gave me my pedi...
House rules - general 2005-03-18
This is the beginning of a series of polls on house rules This poll is a general poll on house...
Did you ever smoke with your Dad? (boys/men only) 2005-05-21
This is a poll for guys about smoking with their dads when they were boys or teens. Males of all...
Must you and/or your spouse submit or obey 2005-06-29
Is your relationship 50%-50% in the power or decision making department? Rather, do you submit to...
Boys Only Poll. Create you Dream Girl 2008-08-19
What is your dream girl look like? Answer the questions below.
Dating and gender roles 2012-10-29
I previously created a poll dealing with the many stereotypes that continue to exist about men be...
This is the 5th in an ongoing series of polls regarding nudity in the home, among family members ...
Should you get fat? 2015-08-13
GIRLS ONLY (btw this isn't the original. The original is at http://www.gotoquiz.com/should_you_g...
Calling Boyfriend "Sir" 2015-08-17
Calling Boyfriend "Sir"
What effect did childhood spanking have on you? 2015-11-22
What effect did childhood spanking have on you?
Strict Parents 2005-03-22
How strict are your parents? Do they totally control your life, or are they really cool? Answer m...
Random Poll for Men 2009-10-17
A random collection of male oriented questions ranging from Cola preference to sex. Men only please.
Girls, how would you react in the following situations? Part 2 2012-04-11
Girls, how would you react in the following situations? Part 2