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People / Relationships


Did someone put you hand in warm water so you'd wet the bed 2005-04-16
Has someone ever put your hand in warm water causing you to wet the bed at a sleepover?
Your sex life 2005-08-01
A little sex poll about your sex life..Please only honest answers! Thanks
girlfriends (4 boys n girls) 2006-09-25
This poll is about what boys have seen of girls, girls, you can fill it in for what your bf has s...
Parents - Girls Skirt Lenghts 2007-03-17
I know some parents dont want/like it when there girl wears short skirts others dont care
Posing nude for art class 2008-01-20
Recently I read an article about someone who had posed nude for an art class somewhere, and I hav...
Is your little brother as strong as you? 2008-04-24
I have a brother who's 2 years younger than me, and when it comes to strength, he can basically d...
Boys Only Poll. Create you Dream Girl 2008-08-19
What is your dream girl look like? Answer the questions below.
Tickled Under Your Arms (Girls Only) 2008-11-07
Way too many feet polls here. No one usually talks about being tickled in the armpits which I th...
WOMEN 18+ ONLY: Are women becoming the dominant sex? 2012-02-03
All around the world, women are making huge strides in narrowing and even eliminating the gender ...
Girls, how would you react in the following situations? Part 2 2012-04-11
Girls, how would you react in the following situations? Part 2
women who get spanked by thier man 2014-07-29
women who get spanked by thier man
This is the 5th in an ongoing series of polls regarding nudity in the home, among family members ...
Wearing one shoe 2016-12-26
I have a problem here. My daughter just turned 16 a few weeks ago and getting very rebellious. Le...
What is normal to have happen as brothers? 2017-02-01
I'm 19, my brother is 23. We have two separate rooms but a shared bathroom. I have never seen him...
Best age for being attractive 2017-03-13
At what age is the average human most attractive?
Girls overpowering skinny brothers 2004-10-07
Guys, have you ever been overpowered by your little sister?
Did you make your skirts shorter for boyfriend or husband? 2008-01-30
Nearly all men like their girlfriends or husbands to wear really short skirts. Sometimes you woul...
Impromptu Swimming 2008-09-23
What do you do if you want to go swimming but your attire is not what you would normally wear swi...
Why do girls engage in exhibitionism? 2010-07-08
This is a survey to find out more information on why girls and women engage in exhibitionism. By ...
TICKLISH GIRLS(ages 14-21) 2013-11-25
Ticklish girls
Family, Friends, and Body Comfortablity 2016-08-01
Exploring how comfortable you, your family, and your friends are with each other's bodies under e...
Black & White (for White Girls ONLY) 2003-06-29
A poll for white girls to explain their attraction to the black race
Must you and/or your spouse submit or obey 2005-06-29
Is your relationship 50%-50% in the power or decision making department? Rather, do you submit to...
your daughter smoking 2006-06-09
this is a poll about how your daughter got started smoking and if you had an influence on it.
Summer Bikini 2008-10-29
It's coming into summer here (Australia) and I'm wondering what everyone will be wearing in the s...